CLT Dual Delivery

Dual Delivery Classrooms

Dual Delivery teaching entails teaching classes with some students physically present while some join remotely via a video conferencing tool. This is part of a strategic initiative to support resilient and connected learning spaces post-COVID. DD classrooms at AUC are equipped with state-of-the-art technology allowing remote students to interact with their peers and instructor. The equipment included:

  • Array ceiling microphone, high-definition video camera, and a large LED screen enable remote students to hear, see and interact with those in the classroom.
  • Interactive podium with a touch screen for digital writing and a document camera

During the last academic year (AY 2021/2022), 86 faculty members and 3650+ students used DD classrooms, and more than 150 faculty received pedagogical and technical training. CLT in collaboration with the Office of Academic and Campus Technology Support Services (ACTSS) delivered a self-paced online module introducing faculty to dual delivery pedagogy, and technology preparing them to teach in a dual mode. CLT and ACTSS assessed the experience via surveys, classroom visits, and meetings with faculty and teaching assistants.

An Online Module

This resource is designed to help you prepare to teach in Dual Delivery mode at AUC, including: 

  • What Dual Delivery entails?
  • The basic technical setup for a Dual Delivery classrooms
  • Pedagogical tips on how to teach in this modality in ways that engage all students (in class and remotely) without adding to your workload as a teacher

To access the module, click here.

One-hour Hands-on Technical Training (required only if you have not received this training before)

Complete the module before you attend the training, as it includes short videos demonstrating the use of the classrooms.