Digital Education

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT_ provides faculty members with one-on-one consultations that help explore opportunities for integrating various technologies into teaching. In addition, CLT provides training sessions for faculty members on emerging learning technologies to further enhance teaching in AUC classrooms. CLT also collaborates with faculty members on developing various instructional materials for their classes. Examples of multimedia projects

STAs provide one-on-one training sessions to faculty members with the use of technology in their courses. Training sessions take place at the instructor's convenience, in terms of pace and time. In addition, STAs provide those sessions at the CLT office or the instructor's office. Read more

Videoconferencing (VC) technology allows for real-time interaction between instructors and students using real-time audio and video. It allows for the broadcasting of document cameras, movies and content from computer screens to the other side, thus providing an opportunity for teaching and learning across the globe. CLT manages the planning and all the technical aspects of instruction-oriented videoconferences. Read More

This toolkit is categorized into different activities that you may want to undertake with your students ranging from communication to sharing material to online lectures. Each category contains our recommendations for the tools to use, with a description of the tool, a text-based user guide as well as instructional videos.

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During the spring semester of 2009, CLT piloted lecture capture technology using the Panopto lecture capture system. The Panopto lecture capture system automatically records audio with or without video, as well as any content from presentations. Learn how to use Panopto.