Abu' 02

Abu is an Egyptian singer, songwriter and musician. He graduated from The American University in Cairo (AUC), Business Administration and Economy. He has gained acclaim and viral views for his street slick writing and his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. He only sings his lyrics and music, believing in the necessity of promoting social issues through his songs, and whoever doesn’t understand Arabic still gets his upbeat vibe. Abu serves as an original voice with a unique flavor that has something special to offer.


Despite having a passion for art and music for as long as he remembers, Abu’s musical career started in 2013 after garnering a plethora of experiences in different walks of life. From exporting garments to Europe at the age of 24 to brand management in Procter & Gamble for seven years, Abu has always been a man of many talents, with a passion for songwriting, creating melodies and singing along his creations, in this exact order.


Abu’s passion burns higher thanks to belief in the power of the written word; the power to connect and pass energies to people, with his brainchild Talat Dakkat being the prototype of what he has to offer to the entertainment scene. Right after its release in September 2017, and till now, Talat Dakkat became an anthem for happiness, being locally, regionally and internationally acclaimed as the hottest ongoing trend in the digital realm, as well as in parties and events in general. With more than 300 million views on YouTube, 30 million Anghami plays, more than 48 covers from all around the world, and a series of regional choice awards, Abu succeeded in establishing himself on the Arab music scene as a singer, lyricist and composer of sizable talent.