Why Give

Education is a crucial initiative in Egypt and is on the nationwide agenda to grow and improve Egypt’s future as captured in the Egypt 2030 Vision. An investment in our human capital, underpinned by technology and innovation, is needed to achieve the goals of the African Union Agenda 2063. Moreover, in order to meet goal number 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, everyone should have access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. Here are the top 5 reasons to give to AUC:

Our students would benefit from an innovative learning experience with a stronger focus on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation through local and international internships, challenges and competitions, and career preparation opportunities.

The ability to recruit the highest quality faculty enriches our academic endeavors and promotes cross-cultural understanding. It strengthens the position of AUC as the premier, globally-accredited American University in the region.

Our students, faculty and staff have a lot of capabilities but they need continuous access to technology, programs, training and services to be able to create a positive and sustainable impact and serve our communities.

More than 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students receive a form of financial assistance every semester. This underscores the significance of scholarships and fellowships based on merit and/or need in attracting ambitious students.

The importance of research is universal because it builds knowledge, facilitates learning and tackles challenges. With the right investment, AUC can become the hub of research, innovation and creativity for Egypt and the region.

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