Professor Hassan Azzazy and science lab research

Named Research Funds

Salima Ikram Endowed Fund for Egyptology
Established in 2018 to support Salima Ikram's and future Egyptologists at AUC with funds to advance their research activities in Egyptology. The fund will be used under the discretion of Ikram in her capacity as a distinguished university professor at AUC. 

Ford Foundation Endowment for the Social Research Center
Established in 2002 to build long-term sustainability for the Social Research Center, which conducts and encourages multidisciplinary social science research in Egypt and the Arab region, trains researchers and guides and assists graduate students, scholars and organizations engaged in social science research in the region.

The Banawi Industrial Group Fund for Civic Responsibility
Established in 2006 to support the Gerhart Center for curriculum development, database and library material.

The Bartlett Fund for Critical Challenges
Established in 2019 to encourage research and other projects that address defining challenges shaping Egypt and the Middle East. The fund is perpetual, intended to develop creative responses to challenges that at the time seem most formidable for the future of the region. The fund seeks to generate innovative ideas, strategies and technologies, and in the process to develop human capital that will provide leadership to confront the most critical challenges facing Egypt.

Zahi Hawass Endowed Research Fund in Egyptology
Established in 2013 to support the hands-on research activities, including excavations, attendance at conferences, visits to foreign museum collections and sites, and other activities of graduate students in Egyptology.

Archeology Excavations and Research Fund
Established in 2017 to support the research and archaeology excavations of Salima Ikram.

AUC Research Support Fund
Established in 2017 to advance world-class scientific and technical research.

Benaa Wa Amal Research Fund for the School of Science and Engineering
Established in 2015 to support research in engineering.

Pharco Case Studies Fund
Established in 2016 to support the development of 20 case studies and to build the capacity of business professionals in the development of high-quality cases.