Before You Start

Starting a new job is an exciting experience and we understand that you might have many questions in mind. We gathered here all the necessary information that could help you get introduced to our work environment before you start your first day.

AUC Campuses

AUC plaza

AUC New Cairo


AUC Tahrir Square

New York Office

Cairo Nile

Living in Cairo

In this section, you will find answers to your questions and things you might want to consider before moving in.

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Gates and Buildings

AUC New Cairo Campus Gates

Gate 1: Visitors Gate
Gate 2: All AUC Members
Gate 3: Service Vehicles and Buses
Gate 4: All AUC Members
Gate 5: All AUC Members

AUC Tahrir Square Buildings

Main Campus
Falaki Academic Center
Greek Campus


Named Spaces

Check out AUC's named spaces here.

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AUC Research Building

Buildings and Halls

Check out AUC New Cairo buildings, halls and open spaces.

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