Office of the Counselor

The Counselor and the supporting team under his leadership are responsible for liaising between the Egyptian authorities, national and international entities, and educational institutions and ensuring that AUC complies with the Egyptian government’s laws and regulations.

Members of the office are responsible for some administrative functions including, but not limited to, communications with the national, international universities, government bodies and others to support all projects and events and collaboration in the fields of education and research along with arts and cultural activities in Egypt and across the region. The team also facilitates the equalization process for all academic and non–academic degrees from Egypt’s Supreme Council of Universities.



Ext: 2245

Hatem is the University Counselor and the representative of the Egyptian government at AUC since July 2017. He was Egypt's minister of health and population in 2011. He holds the rank of full professor of pulmonary within the Faculty of Medicine at Kasr Al Aini in Cairo University and has many years of experience in higher education, five of which have been spent as the Secretary-General of Supreme Council of Universities.

His responsibilities as the University Counselor include implementing AUC’s mission through maintaining a positive relationship with the Egyptian Government and developing positive initiatives for collaboration with educational institutions and solving specific problems through a collaborative approach focused on mutually beneficial outcomes.



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Fawzy works closely with the University Counselor as the primary strategic liaison with the Egyptian government and universities to perform special assignments. Her responsibilities also include overseeing and facilitating all activities, logistics, and communications between key governmental officials, Ministries, University Presidents and AUC senior administration. She also manages the operation and coordinates the execution of the office of the Counselor’s overall vision.



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Sayed deals directly with all schools, departments, offices and faculty members, answering their queries and helping them navigate any difficulties or problems they may have. Sayed handles the daily financial transactions. His responsibilities also include correspondence with the government, educational entities, secondment to AUC of part and full-time professors from their home institutions and the Supreme Council of Universities. 



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Hassan assists with all the administrative tasks related to the Office of the Counselor. His responsibilities also include preparing reports when requested, advising on issues related to meetings with the Counselor and providing advice and support on events with government participation happening on AUC to students, departments and units. He also serves as a point of contact for calls and visitors to the Office of the Counselor.