Benefit Dinner 2011

Critical thinking.  Self determination.  Confidence.  Communication and collaboration.   These are the common threads that bind and identify AUCians worldwide, according to the three guests of honor at the University’s Catalyst for Change benefit dinner. Former Nile TV anchor Shahira Amin ‘78, actor and activist Amr Waked ’96, and CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman (YAB ’81) were presented with Distinguished Alumni Awards in recognition of their positive contributions to Egypt and in the world. In accepting their awards, all three credited AUC with giving them the educational and life skills they needed to succeed in their chosen careers — careers that require them to absorb, synthesize and accurately convey information that is relevant to the people and the future of Egypt.

AUC raised more than $340,000 at the AUC: Catalyst for Change benefit dinner with net proceeds supporting scholarships.

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Shahira Amin is an Egyptian freelance journalist and former deputy head of Nile TV International. She quit her job on February 3, 2011, during the Egyptian uprising, in protest against state TV coverage of the events in Tahrir.

Shahira Amin ’78, Journalist and Former Deputy Head of Nile TV International

Ben Wedeman is CNN's senior international correspondent based in Cairo, Egypt. Since 1995, he has reported on scenes of conflict and tension across the Middle East and northern Africa for the network.

Ben Wedeman ’81, CNN Senior International Correspondent

I learned to think. I learned to ask questions. I learned that even if I fail, I benefit from trying. This is what I learned at AUC. That even in failing, there are lessons to be learned. I have to try. I have to keep trying until I succeed, no matter what I do.

Amr Waked ’96 Actor

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