Benefit Dinner 2015

At the fourth annual benefit dinner held in New York City under the theme of AUC: Elevating Arts, the University honored three alumni who are champions of arts and culture, and who share a commitment to enhancing innovation, creativity and cultural heritage. These are Shafik Gabr ’73, chair and managing director of the ARTOC Group for Investment and Development, who received the Global Impact Award, as well as Distinguished Alumni Award recipients Azza Kamel ’83, founder and director of Alwan wa Awtar NGO, and Monica Hanna ’04, ’07, award-winning Egyptian archaeologist.

AUC raised more than $450,000 at the AUC: Elevating Arts benefit dinner with net proceeds supporting scholarships.

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I have always recognized that AUC played an important role in my life, and I have been a supporter of the University due to its critical role as a special educational institution. This award is important to me, as an institution that I have always recognized as a game changer now recognizes me for my global initiatives.

Shafik Gabr ’73, Chair and Managing Director, ARTOC Group for Investment and Development

The importance of arts and culture cannot be undermined, for it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Art is a very strong tool for social development; it nourishes the soul and is a good medium for self-expression.

Azza Kamel ’83, Founder and Director, Alwan wa Awtar NGO
monica hanna

It means a lot to me to be chosen to represent arts and culture; it is important to show that AUC has become an expertise center in the field of Egyptology.

Monica Hanna ’04, ’07, Award-Winning Egyptian Archaeologist

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