EURECA Conference

The Annual Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship and Creative Achievement (EURECA)

EURECA 2023 Conference Website

Conference dates: March 12 – March 16, 2023

Deadline for Abstract Submission Extended: February 12, 2023

EURECA is The American University in Cairo's (AUC) annual gathering of undergraduate students who share with an academic, multidisciplinary audience their best scholarly and innovative research and creative work. Students showcase and celebrate their original work, sharpening critical thinking, creative inquiry, and expression skills (written, oral, and visual) and engaging in interdisciplinary dialogue.

Undergraduates from all disciplines, from the first year to capstone, are invited to participate. EURECA Conference is organized under the larger institutional celebration of research: The AUC Research and Creativity Convention (RCC).

Note: This year's conference will be a hybrid conference showcasing excellent research and creative works organized by thematic sessions. Presenters and attendees can participate in person on campus or virtually through the online platform.

This is an opportunity for students enrolled in different majors to present their best discipline-based research work. Presentations that employ critical analysis, a sound research process, and logical presentation are welcome.

This is an opportunity for students from different majors enrolled in a Community-Based Learning (CBL) course or in an outside community-based project with a faculty mentor to present their best civic engagement research projects, including working with an identified local community to address a need or problem. The project must have a local community partner, such as an NGO, local school, or a local business, to define the problem and to assess different methods of intervention to address the problem; employ local, available, and sustainable materials and resources to address the problem; and offer research/innovation output as a service to the community. Presentations that employ critical analysis, a sound research process and logical presentation are welcome.


Undergraduate students who have completed research in their major or minor fields with a CBL or Civic Engagement component and undergraduate students from different majors participate in an outside community-based project with a faculty mentor.

These are oral presentations using slides or posters by first-year students who have completed research-based projects in any 1000-level or freshman research program. FYRE encourages and celebrates freshman students' inquiry-based learning and research.


All students presenting research completed at the freshman level

This activity is only open for AUC students enrolled in the pre-credit language instruction courses offered by the Department of English Language Instruction. ELI Explorers' presentations underline the University’s commitment to teaching research skills and igniting a passion for research the minute a student steps into campus.  

This is a celebration of multiple creative activities. Students present their work and share the creative process experiences and the thematic and theoretical basis of their work. Creatopia activities include: 

  • Creative writing, script-writing, the spoken word poetry
  • Short film, documentaries, podcasts
  • Visual artwork and photography
  • Graphic design
  • Cartooning and graphic novels
  • Creative game design
  • Musical compositions
  • Digital liberal arts projects


All undergraduate students are welcome to submit for review an Abstract describing their original creative work.

This is a showcase of innovative student startup ideas across disciplines. 


  • Students enrolled in entrepreneurship classes
  • Students developing business plans as a co-curricular activity
  • Students with personal start-ups 

The Architectural Design show is an opportunity to share students' innovations in design solutions and spatial innovations.


Students majoring in architectural engineering and design programs

This session invites undergraduate students to present their research and other forms of project work that demonstrate critical analysis and sound arguments using posters.  Academic posters are a common medium of presentation that engages a "walking" audience through text and attractive visuals. The idea should be complete and self-explanatory so that a viewer would understand the poster, even in the absence of a presenter.


  • All undergraduate students, in any major
  • For poster guidelines, click here
  • Clear purpose, addressing a gap or opportunity
  • The proposed work is an original contribution by the student
  • Contribution employs methods acceptable in the discipline
  • Research has a theoretical framework
  • All external sources are cited
  • Research with human participants has IRB approval
  • For the application guide, click here.
  • For frequently asked questions about EURECA, click here.

To see the full course description, visit the EURECA 2023 Conference website.
The 17th EURECA Conference will take place on March 12-16, 2023.
For the registration and abstract submission link, click here.