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International Programs

Internationalization is one of AUC's strategic priorities. AUC offers opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to participate in international exchange.

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About the International Programs and Services Office 

The International Programs and Services Office (IPSO) is responsible for all academically-related partnerships with which AUC engages. In particular, the office promotes and supports initiatives that encourage academic outreach and service, influence curricular internationalization, and strengthen the global reputation of the University.

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For Students

AUC's International Programs and Services Office provides opportunities for current AUC students who wish to study abroad, either through an exchange program with one of our many global partners or on their own. Study abroad experiences provide students with opportunities to receive academic credit toward their degree at AUC while studying at another approved institution.

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The International Programs and Services Office also works with international students from outside Egypt who wish to spend a semester or year at AUC as non-degree students. 

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For Faculty

The International Programs and Services Office helps connect AUC faculty with faculty at other institutions for the purpose of co-designing or co-teaching courses. Linking classes, usually virtually, provides students at AUC the chance to share their perspectives with students from another university while hearing and learning from the students at the partner institution. Faculty benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with peers in their own or related disciplines, co-designing and co-teaching entire courses or sections of courses.

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Faculty and staff

For Staff

The International Programs and Services Office also works with certain institutions abroad to provide opportunities for staff travel and training.



AUC is proud to have partnership agreements with more than 100 universities around the globe. These agreements allow student exchange between AUC and its partners for one semester to up to one year at a time. 

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