'Timeless' Investments: New Scholarships Widening Our Reach


Samaa Abdelhamid, a freshman majoring in political science, said her life changed when she found out she’d be attending AUC. For her, receiving the Dr. Hamza Alkholi Public School Scholarship not only gave her the opportunity to study at the University, but it meant she’d be one step closer to achieving her dream of working toward more accessible education in Egypt.

“[Alkholi] doesn't even know me, but he allowed me to have an amazing education” she said. “This motivates me to eventually provide high-quality education to children in rural and local communities and to create an environment that will give them opportunities.” 

Samaa Abdelhamid


The Dr. Hamza Alkholi Public School Scholarship is one of 12 new scholarships offered at AUC this year. With more than 500 students already on scholarships, 64 new scholars started at AUC this fall. From people with disabilities as well as international and public school students to those seeking to study abroad, the new scholarships benefit a broad range of students. 

The Attijariwafa Bank Public School Scholarship for Students with Disabilities supports one public school graduate with a physical or learning disability who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and leadership. 

Likewise, the Sawiris Undergraduate Scholarships for Students with Disabilities opens doors for talented students to join AUC. 

“The best thing you can do with your money is invest it in education because education is timeless,” said Manar Kheir, a visually impaired freshman intending to study journalism and mass communication and recipient of the Sawiris Undergraduate Scholarships for Students with Disabilities. “I’m excited to eventually work on AUC TV, and in the future, I want to use my voice to make change in society.” 

Mahmoud Ismail, also a recipient of the Sawiris Undergraduate Scholarships for Students with Disabilities and an English major, said he appreciates AUC’s organization and the kindness of his professors and classmates. “Thank you to everyone who tries to support young people who want to achieve their goals in life,” he said. 

Several scholarships are geared toward international students. The Hadhramout Foundation Scholarships for Yemeni Undergraduate and Graduate Students will support academically outstanding Yemeni students pursuing any major or graduate program at AUC. For U.S. students, the David Bonderman (CASA '69) Travel and Learning Endowed Fund will pay for their undergraduate, graduate or study-abroad studies at AUC. Additionally, the Pangburn, Ellis, LaBarge Study-Abroad Fund fiances one semester of study at AUC for U.S. students.  The new scholarships don’t just encourage international students to come to AUC, but also aim to support AUC students in studying outside of Egypt, such as the Nancy and Jonathan Wolf Study Abroad Scholarship for students wishing to study at the University of Central Florida in the United States. 

International graduate students studying Egyptology can apply for The Bernard and Lisa Selz Endowed Fellowship in Egyptology, which is also open for Egyptian students.

Additionally, Egyptian and international students demonstrating outstanding academic standings and financial need may receive full or partial funding through the AUC Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund.

“The Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund is helping me complete my academic dreams and is motivating me to study more to get better grades to maintain it over the next few years,” said freshman Farah Awad.  

To promote studies in the liberal arts and build on AUC's efforts of internationalization, the new AUC Liberal Arts Undergraduate Scholarship offers partial and full support to students from Egypt, the region and the United States studying humanities or the social sciences. 

Some scholarships fund studies in specific AUC schools. Those hoping to pursue a Master of Global Affairs can apply for the Qalaa Holdings Partial Support Fellowship, while the Nevine Loutfy Scholarship partially supports the studies of students concentrating in finance in the School of Business.

Other scholarships for Egyptian students include the Egyptian Refining Company Public School Scholarship, which supports financially underprivileged students who graduated from public schools in Matareya, Khosos or Shark Shubra El Kheima (Mostorod), and the Al Ghurair STEM Scholarship. Both scholarships welcomed their fourth cohort of students this fall.   

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