Roles of The Review Panels

Departmental Research Committee

The Departmental Research Committee (DRC) comprises five faculty members, three primary members, and two alternates. The departmental chair forms the committee and uploads the members' names to the online system.

  • As funding of grants is competitive, the DRC will evaluate applications according to the established evaluation criteria available in the respective guidelines of each grant type.
  • Each primary member of the DRC is responsible for reviewing the proposal.
  • Once the DRC members submit their reviews, the system will rank the proposals.
  • If a primary reviewer submits a proposal, the system will not allow for a review of the proposal, and another reviewer from the alternates will replace the primary reviewer.

School Dean or Representative

  • The dean reviews, evaluates and ranks all proposals submitted within his/her school (approved and rejected by DRC).
  • The dean submits his/her recommendations to the associate provost for research through the online system. If the dean and DRC’s decisions diverge, the application is automatically routed to The American University in Cairo's (AUC) University Research Board (URB) for a final evaluation.

University Research Board (URB)

  1. The URB receives, evaluates, and ranks the proposals that have diverging recommendations from the DRCs and the deans.
  2. The URB submits its recommendations to the associate provost for research through the online system.

For more information, visit the University Research Board page.

Associate Provost for Research

  1. The associate provost for research receives the submitted applications with the evaluations and recommendations of all levels (DRC, dean, possibly the URB).
  2. The associate provost for research selects the proposals to be funded based on the evaluations, recommendations, and rankings received, as well as on the availability of funds. His/her decision is final.
  3. The associate provost for research ensures compliance with University policies, requirements, and regulations for internal grants.