Our Alumni

#AUC100 doesn’t just reflect on the countless memories made in every corner, every class and on every occasion, whether then or now, but it’s also about the global impact that its people are making in the world. 

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Asser Yassin

Everything you learn here equips you to excel in different career paths. Having studied Mechanical Engineering, Asser Yassin '04 patently picks his film roles based on the scientific method. #AUC100

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Yosra El-Lozy

From attending rehearsals since she was five to managing to deal with her father as her professor. Take a glimpse into Yosra El Lozy's unique AUC experience. #AUC100

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Lamees Al Hadidi

For Lamees Al Hadidi '87, '90, AUC is not just the place where she took her first steps towards building a career; it's home to very fond memories. #AUC100

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Omar Samra

He picked a major that wasn't for him yet had the flexibility to switch to something he is passionate about. Here is what Omar Samra '00 had to say about his years at AUC as a student-athlete.

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Mohamed Shelbaya

Watch Mohamed Shelbaya, CEO of PepsiCo Egypt, tell us what it’s like to be a student athlete and talk about his “fondest” AUC memories. #AUC100 #MakingAUCProud

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat

The personal attributes H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat '95 developed at AUC drove her to master her pillars of success: the four Cs. #AUC100

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Sameh Makram Ebeid

As AUC celebrates 100 years of its ambitious student union, Sameh Makram Ebeid '75, parliamentarian, consultant, and former student union president, tells us about the day that redefined the voice of the student union at AUC back in 1973, and how he reformed what used to be the "higher board" into the AUC "student union" it is today. #AUC100

مؤسسو شركة TBS في لقاء مع خريجي الجامعة

يتحدث مؤسسو شركة TBS وخريجي الجامعة، طارق وباسل وسامح، عن كيف تحولت سنوات من الصداقة الوطيدة إلى إمبراطورية للمخبوزات.

AUC100 Alumni Interviews: Yaseen Abdel Ghaffar

Yaseen Abdel Ghaffar '10, founder of SolarizEgypt, shares his inspirational story, persevering through 151 failed project proposals until AUC took up his 152nd proposal; thus, starting Egypt's first grid connected solar system.

Alumni Behind the Scenes: AUC100 Be the Future

We're not done yet! We're still going strong with our one-on-one interviews. Stay tuned. #AUC100

Centennial Spotlight: Rana El Kaliouby '98, '00

Rana El Kaliouby '98, '00, AUC trustee and CEO and co-founder of Affectiva, reflects on her time at AUC, explaining how her classes were the "launchpad" for her career, describing a professor who served as a personal role model and more.

Centennial Trustee Spotlight: Gretchen Gerwe Welch '02

Gretchen Gerwe Welch '02, retired diplomat and AUC trustee, shares why she loves AUC, describing her experience at the University as a student studying Arabic.

Centennial Trustee Spotlight: Teresa C. Barger

Teresa C. Barger '78, AUC trustee, and co-founder and managing director of Cartica Capital, explains why she sees AUC's liberal arts mission as significant, especially as AUC embarks on its next 100 years.