All graduate students traveling on exchange must pay their full AUC tuition prior to the tuition fees payment deadline.

Students who are studying abroad through the AUC exchange program will continue to pay AUC tuition fees according to their financial categories and retain merit scholarships and/or financial aid arrangements. Financial aid and scholarships do not apply to students on study-abroad programs or non-exchange programs. 

Studying abroad requires a great deal of financial planning as exchange students are responsible for securing funds to cover living expenses, as well as other related expenses. 

The following points illustrate important aspects of the financial aid/fellowships policies:

  • Financial aid may apply to students who travel on exchange programs
  • Students on an external fellowship need to receive approval from the fellowship entity. For example, Yousef Jameel fellows need approval from the respective office
  • Graduate students on Institutional fellowships must check with their departments/graduate students' services and fellowships office to find out if the fellowship applies during their semester abroad
  • Graduate students are eligible to apply for the  Exchange/study-abroad support grants offered by AUC.