Summer Study Abroad Program

If you're interested in studying abroad but not sure if you can handle a whole semester or a year away from home, a summer abroad is a good option as your first taste of a unique educational experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's likely to make you want to embark on another study-abroad adventure.

Summer study abroad will help you:

  • Develop a new sense of independence

Leave your comfort zone to experience freedom and independence that will make you realize how much beauty there is in our diverse world. Then bring that experience back to your friends at home and make them jealous of your experiences and travels!

  • Become globally-minded  

You'll gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and new perspectives on issues that you're studying for your major. Studying abroad enables you to learn in new ways, challenge yourself and even discover aspects of your personality previously unknown to you. You'll be more marketable to graduate schools and employers because of the life skills you'll learn through studying abroad.

  • Embark on exciting adventures and make unforgettable memories 

The adventures you experience abroad are reason enough to expand your studies overseas. The experience will change your perspective on the world, teach you not to take things for granted and show you how to take full advantage of the opportunities and resources at your disposal. You will also make countless friends from all over the world.