Online Registration Instructions

  • Choose the program you want to apply for
  • Click the “Registration and Payment” button
  • Enter your username “Your student ID number consists of 9 digits
  • Enter your Pin code “Your date of birth" to be written as MM/DD/YY, two digits for each field
  • Re-enter your pin number
  • Choose from the drop-down menu a security question to answer, then click submit
  • Click “Student”, “Student Records” then “Hold
  • In case there is any hold, send an email to
  • If there is no hold, continue with your registration
  • Click Student, Registration then Look Up Classes
  • From the drop-down menu, select the desired term (Summer at AUC) for registration then clickCourse Search  
  • From the drop-down menu, select the desired program you are applying for, i.e.: “College Bound” or “Bootcamps”
  • On this screen, you will find the course codes for the programs you are applying for, the title of your selected subject, and then click on “View Sections” to identify the different timing of this subject
  • Select the section requested for registration  by clicking the empty box beside it (desired meeting time and days), then click “Register
  • In case a “Program Restriction” error occurred, send an email to
  • In case a “Prerequisite course” error occurred, review the registration sequence  
  • Registration went smoothly, then a screen with the registered section and the date of registration will appear
  • If you decide to drop your class or change the timing, click on the drop-down menu under action and choose “Web drop” and submit your changes
  • To review and print your schedule, click on “Student”,  “Registration”, then Concise Student Schedule
  • In this schedule, you will find your  course code, its number and title, the campus name where  the class is taking place, the timing and the days of the course, the term beginning date and ending dates, and finally the room and  building holding the course

For more information about the online registration instructions, click here.

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