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Financial Support


 Graduate Fellowship Application​                                                                  
 Graduate Fellowships Instructions

Al Alfi Biotechnology Fellowship
           Egyptian engineering and science college graduates - Currently on hold

Al Alfi Foundation MBA Fellowship
           Currently on hold

Al Alfi Foundation Sustainable Development Fellowship
           Egyptian nationals admitted to sustainable development - Deadline: June 15

African Graduate Fellowships
           African, non-Egyptian students in any field of graduate degree study - Deadline: February 1

The Arab Women Professionals Fellowship Program (AWPP)
           Female citizens of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq - Currently on hold

The Ahmed and Ann M. El Mokadem Scholarship
           Egyptian nationals admitted or enrolled in economics and economics in international development, finance, MBA,
           political science and sustainable development - Spring 2015 deadline: November 30,
           Fall 2015 deadline: April 1

Arabic Language Fellowships
           International students - Deadlines: April 1 for the Fall semester, September 15 for the Spring semester
           and February 1 for the Summer semester

Building the Next Generation of Scholars in Egyptian Public Universities
           For Egyptian tenured teaching assistants - Currently on hold

The Charles Bailey Fellowship
           Sudanese nationals admitted or enrolled - Deadline: April 1 for the Fall semester, October 1 for the
           Spring semester

The Cynthia Nelson Fellowship
           All nationalities admitted to gender and women’s studies - Deadline: May 1

The Department of Economics Fellowship in Applied Quantitative Analysis

           Egyptian nationals admitted into the economics MA program, thesis track or non-thesis track - Deadline: April 1

The Dr. Nabil Elaraby Fellowship
           Egyptian nationals admitted to or enrolled in LLM - Deadline: June 1 for the Fall semester, December 1
           for the Spring semester

Engaged Scholars Fellowship Program
           Egyptian nationals applying to political science, Middle East studies, journalism and mass communication,
           law, economics, economics in international  development, gender studies, international human rights
           law and public administration -
Deadline: March 22

English Language Fellowships
           Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language students who need remedial English courses - Deadlines: July 1 for
           the Fall semester, December 15 for the Spring semester and May 1 for the Department of English Language
           Instruction Intensive Summer Program

Graduate Merit Fellowships

           All nationalities in any field of graduate degree study - Deadline: May 1

Graduate School of Education Fellowships
           All nationalities - International and comparative education

The Hadya Jameel Fellowship
           Egyptian students - MBA program - Currently on hold

International Graduate Fellowships

           International students - Arabic studies, gender and women’s Studies, Middle East studies
           or sociology/anthropology and Egyptology, Coptology - Deadline: February 1

Jameel MBA Fellows Program
           Egyptian and Palestinian students - MBA program - Deadline:  Currently on hold

The Yousef Jameel PhD Fellowships in Applied Sciences and Engineering
           All nationalities - Deadline: June 1

Yousef Jameel GAPP Public Leadership Fellowship
           Egyptian nationals - global affairs, public policy, public administration, journalism and mass communication,
           international human rights law, LLM - Deadline:  May 8

Laboratory Instruction Graduate Fellowships

           All applicants to sciences and engineering - Deadline: June 1 for the Fall semester -
           November 8 for the Spring semester

MAL/MUN Fellowships
           Humanities and social sciences or economics - Deadline: April 1 for the Fall semester and November 1 for
           the Spring semester

The Mo Ibrahim Graduate Fellowships
           Sudanese and Egyptians of Nubian origin - any field of graduate study - Currently on hold

The Mustafa El Baradei Fellowship in international and comparative law (LLM)
           Egyptian nationals admitted to international and comparative law (LLM) - Deadline: June 30

The Nadhmi Auchi Young Arab Leaders Fellowship
           Nationals from the Arab world, any field of graduate study - Currently on hold

Nadia Niazi Mostafa Fellowship
           Second-year Islamic art and architecture Egyptian students - Deadline May 15

Queen Rania Al Abdullah Scholarship
           Jordanians - Deadline: April 1

The Selz Foundation Fellowship in Egyptology
           All nationalities - Egyptology program only - Deadline: April 5

The State Council Fellowship
           Open to Egyptian nationals who are members of the State Council and admitted to the LLM or the
           graduate diploma in international and comparative law - Deadline: November 1, 2014

SYLFF Program Fellowship
           All nationalities admitted or enrolled select programs under the schools of HUSS, business, GAPP and the
           international and comparative education graduate program - Spring 2015 deadline: November 30,
           Fall 2015 deadline: February 1

Suez Cement Graduate Fellowship
           Residents of Helwan or Tourah in Greater Cairo, the Suez or Minya governorates, or graduates of their
           respective universities - any graduate program in engineering - Next intake 2015

The Tarek Juffali Fellowship
           Egyptians and nationals from the Arab world admitted or enrolled in international counseling and community
           psychology Spring 2015 deadline: November 30, Fall 2015 deadline: April 1

TAFL Fellowships
           Teaching Arabic as a foreign language graduate program - Deadline: February 1

TEFL Fellowships
           Teaching English for speakers of other languages graduate program - Deadline: February 1

Television and Digital Journalism Fellowship
           Egyptian nationals admitted to MA in television and digital journalism - Deadline: May 1

University Fellowships
           All nationalities - any field of graduate study - Deadline: May 1 for the Fall semester - November 
          1 for the Spring semester

Writing Center Graduate Fellowships
           Humanities and social sciences - Deadline: April 1 for the Fall semester and November 1 for the
           Spring semester

The Zaki Hashem Memorial Fellowship in International and Comparative Law (LLM)
           Egyptian nationals admitted into the law program - Deadline: November 30

Teaching Assistantships

Assistantships are awards made to graduate-level teaching assistants who do not receive tuition waivers.
Eligibility: Fully accepted graduate students enrolled in one or more courses or actively engaged in thesis work are given preference over those not enrolled in a graduate program. Applicants who have completed their MA or MS, are preparing for a PhD, and have or are receiving academic degree training may also receive assistantships.
Duration: One semester, renewable
Award: The hourly rate for the master's degree holders is LE 30, and the hourly rate for the bachelor's degree holders is LE 25.
To apply:  Application for teaching assistantships is made to the department at least one week before the start of a semester or the winter or summer sessions. Selection is announced by the schools at the beginning of the semester.

Financial Aid

Students who wish to apply for financial aid should pick up a financial aid application form from the Student Service Center, or fill in the online form and print it. Then proceed to submit the application (in hard copy) with the required documents to the Student Service Center prior to the deadline.
Check the checklist on the back of the application for the required supporting documents. More

Work-Study Programs

The Office of Student Financial Affairs, in collaboration with the Career Advising and Placement Services Office, provide you with the opportunity to gain on-campus work experience and develop skills while earning some money through the work-study program.
The work-study program gives students the opportunity to work in various departments on campus during the academic year, and contribute to projects and programs in AUC’s academic and administrative departments. It allows students to contribute toward their education expenses, make use of their free time, gain experience, develop transferable skills, improve their resumes and earn money.

The type of work the student is required to perform may differ from one department to another according to the duties performed by each department.

Student participants should be willing to dedicate eight to 10 working hours per week with a maximum of 120 hours during regular semester, 60 hours during the summer session and 30 hours during the winter session. The student is compensated at the end of the semester. More

Outside Funding

Center for Arabic Study Abroad
Fellowships are offered to American graduate students for participation in the intensive Arabic language program taught by AUC under the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) established by a consortium of U.S. universities, including AUC, and funded annually since 1967 by the U.S. Department of Education. Both summer and twelve-month programs are conducted. Students pay a program fee to help cover administrative costs and receive a fellowship covering tuition, maintenance, and travel from and to the United States.

Competence in modern standard Arabic equivalent to at least two years of study on the college level is a prerequisite.

For information and applications contact

Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA)
Emory University, Woodruff Library
4th floor, Language Center
540 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322 USA

External Assistance
Other than the opportunities described above, international students have previously obtained external support from the following sources:
Rotary Foundation International Scholarships for one year of graduate or language study. Contact: Student’s local Rotary Club or Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, 1 Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60201.

Fulbright grants for one year of graduate study are available to U.S. citizens. Contact: Student’s campus Fulbright Program adviser or Institute of International Education, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017.

Federal Stafford Student Loans can be used by U.S. citizens or permanent residents for graduate degree study or to earn a certificate in Arabic language (at least one year of intensive study). Pell Grants are not applicable. Degree and certificate students must obtain instructions from the AUC New York office. Iwona Klos email:

Veterans Administration educational benefits are applicable to graduate degree study at AUC. U.S. veterans should contact their regional office of the Veterans Administration. Written approval of benefits from the Veterans Administration should be obtained prior to coming to Cairo.

Canadian students may inquire about AUCC-Foreign Government Awards for graduate study in Egypt at: Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 350 Albert Street, Suite 600, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B1, Canada.