As the region’s premier English-speaking university, we seek out the best staff and faculty who are as committed as we are to education, research, service, and change. To support our employees, we provide unparalleled benefits and opportunities for personal and professional development.  

There are plenty of reasons to work at AUC, but here are a few to consider:

  • Open-minded and diverse international community of faculty, students, and staff
  • A university that is open to all ideas, where freedom of academic expression is fundamental to its mission
  • Experience life in Cairo, one of the most historical and dynamic cities in the Middle East
  • Competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits
  • Opportunities for continuing education and professional development supported by the University
  • Beautiful new campus and access to state-of-the-art facilities
  • On-campus child care and clinic
  • Organized events, lectures, seminars, workshops, and social activities on and off campus
  • Free tuition for dependents



Social insurance is obligatory for Egyptian and American nationals and permanent residents of the United Sates. Deductions are computed according to scales of earnings and eligibility of employees as stipulated by the relevant laws, and withheld from gross pay by the University.

Egyptian nationals pay contributions in Egyptian pounds and are covered by Egyptian social insurance. American nationals pay contributions in U.S. dollars and are covered by the United States’ social insurance.

Social Insurance at the End of Employment
When an employee’s service comes to an end, depending on the duration of his or her contract, he or she is eligible for certain entitlements according to the accumulated shares in the social insurance funds and the duration of payments. Rates are set annually and changes will be communicated by the payroll office.

Funeral and Death Benefits: Regulations and Compensation
For support staff covered by social insurance, the university will assist the immediate family of any staff employee or custodian who dies while in University service with the following funeral expenses and death benefits:


  1. Salary of the month during which death occurs, a further two months full salary plus the salary of the actual days worked during the month of death. These payments are made to the closest of kin and are not subject to any tax or other deductions.
  2. Two months gross salary for funeral benefits with a maximum ceiling of LE 10,000 to be paid to the widow(er), eldest dependant or the bearer of the funeral expenses.


Employees who attain one year of continuous full-time service with the University are eligible for CIB personal loans.  A minimum education level of secondary school certificate or equivalent and a good credit record is requested by CIB.

The Program

  • Loans are granted for personal reasons.
  • Loan amount equals 18 times the basic monthly salary with a minimum of LE 5,000 and a maximum of LE 500,000.
  • Settlement of loan is made over a maximum period of 84 months.
  • Interest rate, as guided by the Central Bank of Egypt, is calculated on remaining balance.
  • In the event of the borrower’s retirement, resignation or default, AUC transfers any financial dues pertaining to the borrower. If not settled, the borrower should set a reschedule plan with the approval of CIB to cover any outstanding loan balance.


In addition to the medical care mandated by law and provided through the AUC clinic, a local health plan is provided to full-time AUC employees.  The plan is currently administered by Medicare, an Egyptian health care company.


  • All support staff
  • Staff at the managerial level (and faculty) enrolled in the international plan are eligible provided that they pay both the employee and the University shares

Participation is compulsory for all support staff unless enrolled in another plan providing medical services of similar nature and quality as those provided through the AUC plan. For regular employees, all skilled and semi-skilled positions, externally funded project/grant and casual employees, participation is voluntary.  Upon enrollment in the plan, the participant receives ID card(s) to receive full coverage within the network of providers, according to the contractual terms.

Subscriptions and Coverage Levels
The local health plan consists of four levels of coverage, each with a corresponding ceiling and premium paid in Egyptian pounds according to subscription: single rate, spouse rate and child rate. The University pays half the premium for the employee, one spouse and two children only, and subsequently the employee pays both employee and University shares for more than one spouse and any additional child(ren). Coverage is provided up to the age of 70 for main subscribers and spouses, whether employee or retiree, whereas it is extended for dependents up to the age of 26 for a male and female dependent, if not married. Support staff whose monthly salary is LE 2,000 or more are placed at Level B coverage, unless they opt for a higher level.  

To find a summary of the Medicare plan, click here.

To find the current corresponding rates, click here.


Vanbreda (rebranded to Cigna Europe) is an international health insurance plan which the University provides to accommodate the needs of its expatriate employees in addition to the medical care mandated by law.

Participation in the plan is compulsory for all relocated administrators and managers from day one of employment. For local administrators and managers, it is voluntary as they may join the local medical plan instead of the Vanbreda (rebranded to Cigna Europe) plan. Employees for whom participation is voluntary, that decide to join the Vanbreda (rebranded to Cigna Europe) plan must do so within 24 months of being eligible.

Vanbreda (rebranded to Cigna Europe) coverage is performance rated and premiums may increase or decrease accordingly. Premiums are paid at the "family with children" rate, the "family with no children" rate, the “single parent with children” rate or at the "single rate" according to the status of the insured. Premiums are paid in U.S. dollars and AUC contributes half of the cost of the insured premiums.

Detailed information about medical expenses covered by the plan is cited in the contract. Copies of the contract are available upon request at the Office of Human Resources.

Vanbreda (Rebranded to Cigna Europe) Emergency Contacts

Vanbreda (Rebranded to Cigna Europe) Summary of Benefits Table

Vanbreda (Rebranded to Cigna Europe) Health Insurance Manual

To communicate directly with the care provider, click here.


The University maintains a group life insurance plan through Van Breda (rebranded to Cigna Europe), an international organization.

All full-time employees are automatically covered under the plan.

The premium for basic coverage is paid entirely by AUC, whereas additional coverage is available on an optional basis at the employee’s expense.

The Plan
The plan provides two levels of coverage for life insurance: basic and additional.

Beneficiary(ies) will be qualified to life benefit equal to one times the participant’s annual salary in case of normal death or total dismemberment (a certain percentage of salary is applied in case of partial dismemberment according to rate of loss), and two times the participant’s annual salary in case of accidental death.

Summary Plan Description


Full-time supporting staff including those filling skilled, semi- skilled and service jobs

Participation on a voluntary basis to all local supporting staff within the terms stated in the policies and procedures manual. Participation is not automatic; an enrollment form should be filled out by the employee.

The University contributes 9 percent and the employee contributes 6 percent of 120 percent of gross salary on a monthly basis. In this sense, CIB establishes individual accounts for AUC employees under a global set-up in the name of the AUC Staff Supplemental Pension Plan. Monthly contributions that do not reach LE 500 are placed in savings, earning 1 percent higher than the CIB announced rate, whereas TDs which are multiple of LE 500 are placed subsequently, with three-year duration, receiving a preferential rate of 0.9 percent higher than the announced CIB rate.


AUC's daycare, located at AUC New Cairo, is a second home for children of the AUC community from ages one year old (and walking) to five years of age only. Activities are conducted in English and encourage play-based learning and development. The daycare is managed by Early Years Company and follows AUC's holiday calendar. Priority is given to children of AUC staff and faculty.

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Here you will find practical information about Egyptian culture, the environment, the availability of goods, services and what to expect from your life in Egypt. This will help you prepare for the move to Egypt and ease the transition from one culture to another.

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Learn about AUC's biggest classroom — Cairo. A vibrant, historical city in the heart of the Middle East.