Your First Three Months

During your first three months, you should set yourself up to do your best work and take ownership of your new role.

Probation Period

The contract may be canceled due to the unsuitability of an employee for the position within the three-months probation period with no prior notice, indemnity or compensation. Annual leave is not to be taken during the three months probationary period.

Learning and Development

Explore your learning and development journey through our LinkedIn Learning platform with its online library that features 10,000+ digital courses taught by industry experts and cover a wide range of business, creative and technical topics. This learning journey will focus on developing leadership skills, customer service, time management, business software and technology, and project management, serving different levels of staff from administrative to leadership categories.

For more information and to learn more about the types of courses in alignment with AUC competencies framework, click here.

Performance Management System

To learn more about our performance management system and how to set your objectives, click here.

Connect with AUC Community

It is time to connect with your AUC community and stay informed with public lectures, exhibitions and events at AUC. To learn more, click here.