Scholar without Stipend

The University provides institutional affiliation with AUC as a scholar without stipend for a limited number of visiting graduate scholars who wish to do research in Egypt and already have a source of funding but who need such an affiliation. International scholars wishing an affiliation with AUC must show evidence that they are currently enrolled at, or employed by, a bona fide university and that they are visiting Egypt for the purposes of research.

The benefits of this affiliation include consultation with faculty within an academic department, access to the library and for international visiting scholar’s guidance in obtaining temporary residence visas, and the option to purchase medical insurance through the University. The maximum term is one academic year. Scholars will be given a temporary AUC ID card for these purposes and will also be able to sign up for a temporary AUC email address. In order to register as a scholar in the University system, there is a fee of $500 per semester for the use of University amenities, including the libraries, medical clinic and athletic facilities. Scholars without stipend agree to the University’s regulations regarding responsibility in research and publication. The University does not provide housing, medical insurance, free transportation or office space. Housing may be available at regular stated rents, and bus passes are available for purchase. 

Acceptance of a scholar without stipend is conditional upon the compatibility of his or her research interests with those of an AUC faculty member from a sponsoring department. Additional requirements may be specified, such as making an oral presentation of the research project to a Seminar during the period of his or her affiliation or presenting the school with a copy of research results and/or any published articles. 

To apply, the candidate must submit the following to the sponsoring department: 

1.    Personal information and a current resume
2.    A letter of introduction or sponsorship from the applicant’s home institution
3.    A research outline, including a description of the research methodology and tools the applicant plans to use in Egypt
4.    A statement describing the source(s) and amount(s) of funding available for the applicant in Egypt
5.    A recommendation and willingness to consult from an AUC faculty member
6.    Endorsement by the chair of the sponsoring department

Applications and supporting documents should be submitted for final approval to the Dean of the school of the sponsoring department.