Writing Tips and Resources

Writing is a multistage process involving prewriting, drafting, editing, revising and proofreading. These stages do not, however, occur in a sequential and linear fashion; they are interactive and recursive by nature. So when we write, we go back and forth between reading, writing and revising.

For a general overview of how to write an essay, you can consult our general guidelines for writing essays. To know more about each stage in the writing process and the different strategies of writing in more detail, read through the following tips and writing resources to find explanations, examples and links to other useful sites.  


 Preparing to Write


 Writing the First Draft

 Identifying a Purpose



 Writing the First Draft


 Developing a Thesis


 Body Paragraphs 



 Integrating Sources


 Citations and Style Guides


 Revising and Proofreading

 Style Guides

 Formatting Your Paper

 MLA Style


 Revising and Editing


 Grammar and Mechanics 


 Useful Links



 Purdue University Online Writing Lab 

 University of North Carolina Writing Center

 The University of Victoria's Writers Guide 

 Cleveland State University Writing Center

 The Writing Guide

 150 Resources to Help You Write Better,  Faster and More Persuasively

 Effective Writing

 7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Grammar Check



 General Writing Guidelines

 General Writing Guidelines