New Hadhramout Foundation Scholarships, Fund to Support Yemeni Students

Hadhramout Foundation Scholarships for Yemeni Students
Hadhramout Foundation Scholarships for Yemeni Students
Hadhramout Foundation Scholarships for Yemeni Students

The Hadhramout Foundation for Human Development recently gave $2 million to AUC to establish the Hadhramout Foundation Scholarship for Yemeni Students, supporting 27 high-achieving Yemeni students —15 undergraduates and 12 graduate students — starting Spring 2020, as well as the Hadhramout Foundation Fund at the School of Continuing Education. The latter will support 20 Yemeni learners to take the English for Effective Communication Program and the Certified Public Accountant certification.

“For 100 years, AUC has assumed a leadership role in supporting and empowering bright and ambitious students who are seeking to shape the world around them,” said AUC President Francis J. Ricciardone. “We are proud to announce that through this scholarship initiative, Yemeni youth in Egypt will be given the special opportunity to receive a world-class education.”

Addressing the Hadhramout Foundation for Human Development, Ricciardone added, “We at AUC are focused, and you are helping us focus. Thank you for all the good you are enabling us to do.”

The Hadhramout Foundation for Human Development is a charitable organization operating in the Hadhramout region of Yemen that aims at building human resources among disadvantaged Yemeni populations. The organization funds a range of initiatives that include skills programs and two English language institutes, as well as supporting opportunities for continuing education. 

“A few years ago, it was a dream that our foundation would send people to AUC,” said Engineer Bugshan, CEO of House of Invention International and president of the Hadhramout Foundation for Human Development. “Hopefully, we will see big numbers of students coming to AUC.”

Engineer Bugshan is a businessman and philanthropist from the Hadhrami diaspora who has a history of giving back to his homeland. He has given more than $10 million throughout his lifetime to a range of causes including initiatives in health, human services and cultural heritage. In 2012, the Arab Economic Forum recognized Eng. Bugshan for his pioneering achievements in the economic and investment fields in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

“This is a University with a good reputation,” said Saleh Awadh Aram, CEO and Board of Trustees member of the Hadhramout Foundation for Human Development. “It’s a good opportunity for our students to come here and get higher education from this University.”

The scholarships are part of the $100 million AUC Centennial Campaign: A New Century of Impact, which has now reached 80 percent of its target. The campaign is part of AUC's vision for greater impact in the next century. The campaign priorities are fostering a global experience, creating centennial scholarships that give the most deserving and talented students access to an AUC education, nurturing arts and cultural programs, charting a way forward for the MENA region and building a culture of philanthropy. For more on the Centennial Campaign, click here. To make a gift to AUC, click here.