All students traveling on exchange must complete their full AUC tuition payments prior to their departure to the host universities for the duration of their stay for either a semester or an academic year.

  • Only students traveling on AUC exchange programs will continue to pay AUC tuition fees according to their financial categories. Study-abroad programs require that students pay tuition directly to the host university.
  • Financial aid does not apply to students on partner-sponsored programs; however, some partner universities do offer discounted tuition to AUC students.
  • Students on study abroad are responsible for securing funds to cover living expenses.
  • Students on AUC’s financial aid and scholarship programs will still benefit from their financial assistance while traveling on an exchange program. This will not apply to students who are traveling for a summer session or on a partner-sponsored basis (paying the host university’s fees).
  • Students who receive financial aid from AUC will continue to receive it during the exchange semester (except financial aid from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation).

Partial or full scholarships are available to students who are applying for some exchange programs. These scholarships are provided by the host universities prior to the actual travel date. The scholarships provided by AUC’s partner schools change from year to year. The Office of International Programs and Services will provide these details prior to the start of each application cycle. The individual campus scholarships might be in the form of housing, monetary allowances or tuition.

**Students on the exchange program will have to pay tuition fees for 15 credit hours at AUC even if they choose to take less than 15 credit hours at the host university. 

**Students on exchange programs can take a maximum of 15 credit hours at the host university.