Academic Credits – Course Advising, Evaluation and Transfer

With advisers, students should conduct an audit for their degrees prior to study-abroad or exchange programs in order to determine the best courses to take abroad. It is highly recommended that students complete prerequisite courses prior to study abroad and leave a few elective courses open, in order to take courses that are complementary to AUC’s offerings. Prior to a meeting with a faculty adviser, students should prepare a list of courses already taken and planned for the host university. Often advisers will request course descriptions.


Course Transfer Guidelines for Undergraduate AUC Students
During a semester, undergraduate students must enroll in four to five courses per semester at the host university.

Important Notes:

  • Whether the courses are listed on the TCE or not, you have to sign up for an appointment with the associate registrar for transfer credit affairs, office of the registrar, administration building, room P049. Click here to submit the course description and schedule for all the selected courses printed directly from the host institution's website.

  • Before scheduling an appointment with the office of the registrar, make sure to carefully read the transfer guidelines.

  • Before leaving the host university, ensure to request an official copy of your transcript.

  • The office of the registrar does not accept official transcripts that are directly sent from students.

  • The transfer credit affairs in the office of the registrar will not transfer credits to AUC without receiving an official transcript DIRECTLY from the host institution.

  • Students must make sure to fill out the transfer credit pre-approval form in the transfer credit affairs in the office of the registrar, a semester prior to the planned study abroad/exchange program.