The Travel Office was established to help faculty and staff members, administrators and students with their travel plans.

It handles business and personal trips, in Egypt or abroad through our corporate deals with excellent hotels, and monitors policies set by the administration for these types of travel.

The office also arranges meet-and-assist services through customs and immigration arranged at the airport in accordance with the guidelines governing the provisions of such services. (Services are available upon request for non-Egyptians only).

  • Flight reservations and seating assignment 
  • Booking of train tickets (Europe)
  • Frequent flyer arrangements
  • Hotel reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Airport services meet and assist
  • Bus reservations in Egypt and cars reservation abroad
  • Organized trips throughout Egypt for individuals and groups
  • Tours inside Cairo
  • Nile cruise
  • Travel insurance

To start processing your request, please use the following link:

To make your own air booking please follow this link:

You will need to create your profile with all the personal information and copy of your passport.

This profile will be filled once and will be saved and used for all your future travel requests. It can be edited at any time.

Once you fill a new travel request, you will receive an auto-reply with a request serial number, which should be referenced in all communications with the Travel Office until the service is fulfilled.

For the travel new system manual, please follow this link.

For the Travel Policy, please check the PDF.

For the Travel Forms, please click here.

Check Corporate Hotel Rates.

Prices change every minute. Therefore, the earlier you confirm your booking, the less your ticket will cost.