E.Repertoire For Faculty

E.Repertoire for Faculty Members

E.Repertoire is a new tool that is supported by Digital Measures and customized to meet AUC’s needs. It is a research and faculty activities database that will enable the online creation of annual faculty reports (AFR) and serves as a historical storage unit for faculty activity for personal reporting and tracking purposes. New applications will be announced on this webpage throughout the year.




 Submission by the faculty member to the chair or director Feb 15, 2019* Extended to March 1, 2019
 Submission by the chair or director to the dean March 15, 2019* Extended to April 1, 2019
 Submission by the dean to the provost April 15, 2019* Extended to May 1, 2019


* If the deadline happens to be a holiday or a weekend, the deadline will shift to the following working day.

There is now an "All Data" report in your custom report options. You can run this for any number of years in order to see exactly what you have entered. The report is organized according to the menu and screens in E.Repertoire, which makes it easier to find and to correct mistakes or add missing data.

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