Last updated | ديسمبر 1, 2021

Case Reporting Protocol

Throughout AUC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has remained focused on the health and safety of our faculty, students and staff.

Classroom Contact Tracking System (Student Case)


1-    A positive case is identified. This can happen in two ways. The first way is through the self-check system when someone reports symptoms or being in contact with another positive case. The clinic calls them to follow up. The second way is when the individual calls the clinic directly. Both ways will result in the case being classified as either positive or highly probable in the event there is no confirmation yet.

2-    The student is given a medical excuse and asked to isolate until they test negative.

3-    The relevant faculty members in all of the student’s classes are notified that that student has an excused absence. 

4-    If the infected student came to class after the suspected infection date, the relevant individuals who have been in contact are informed that they have been in contact with someone who tested positive and are asked to isolate until they test negative four days after isolation (or after the last contact date).

It is important to highlight that the first step rests on the clinic being informed of a positive case or a suspected positive case. Once the clinic is informed of a positive case, the email notifications for medical excuses and testing are triggered on the same day. 

Case Reporting Protocols