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Eastern Mediterranean Aging study EMage

Despite the evident rapid pace of the aging process in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the need to understand the aging process, the attributes of the aging cohorts and their implications for the policymaking process, there is a substantial gap in the area of information. This limitation in information base is also accompanied by scarcity in the know-how in the region to build the needed evidence base whether at the level of data collection or the analysis of the data. Additionally, the region also lacks the capacity to translate the analysis results into practical policy recommendations.

Eastern Mediterranean aging (EMage) initiative aims to build the needed capacities in the region to conduct a prospective cohort research study of older persons in the region. It aims to monitor the life journey of adult persons with its various dimensions of their lives; health, access to health services, income, occupation, environment, and socioeconomic changes over a long period of time (10 years).   

The main goals of the initiative are:

  1. To provide training for academic staff and graduate students in partner countries in order to build the necessary capacity to analyze aging-related longitudinal data. This training encompasses
    1. Training in aging-related substantive research
    2. Methodological training in survey design using the established Technical University of Munich and the Survey of Health and Retirement in Europe surveys (SHARE)   
  2. To adapt the SHARE model to initiate a SHARE sister study in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon (development and validation projects)
  3. To promote cooperation between consortium members for the development of surveying techniques, approaches, and materials that fit the cultural and social aspects of the region


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The American University in Cairo

EMage Activities in Egypt

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The American University in Beirut

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Jordan University of Science and Technology

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Technical University of Munich and the Survey of Health and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

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University of Cyprus, Department of Economics

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Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

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American University of Beirut (AUB)

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The American University in Cairo (AUC), Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology (I-GHHE) and Social Research Center (SRC)

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Technical University of Munich

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German Academic Exchange Service

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