Nouran Gohar Becomes Women's Squash World No. 1

Learn about Nouran Gohar with her personal Scholarship Story

"Dreams do come true," said Nouran Gohar, construction engineering major and recipient of the Wadi Degla Endowed Scholarship for Student Athletes, who just claimed the World No. 1 woman ranking in squash. 

Gohar said that her dream when starting college was to declare a construction engineering major and to become the world number one women's squash player before she graduates. 

"I knew this dream was far away and almost impossible to achieve," she said, "but I believed, and it just happened."

Gohar said she thanks all of her professors, different faculty members and her scholarship for helping her reach her goal. 

"They were all fundamental factors for making my dream come true. Never give up on your dreams," she said. 

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You can check out Gohar's Professional Squash Association page here.