Bus Service Fees

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  • Students who use the bus regularly are advised to subscribe for a full year or semester-by-semester, for a cheaper trip price. 
  • Students who would like to subscribe to the bus service must complete a banner subscription before the "late payment deadline with extra charges" date specified each semester in the AUC Academic Calendar. 
  • Students who miss the subscription deadline would have to pay a ticket per ride. Scholarship/fellowship students must as well do the subscription within the stipulated deadline, to avoid being charged a ticket per ride.

This ticket-per-ride service is more convenient for non-regular bus riders. The bus service turnstiles charge a ticket price of $3.5 upon swiping the student ID. The charged tickets then go to the student banner for settlement, all at once.

  • Upon swiping the ID on the turnstile, a notification email is sent to the student with the ticket details.

  • The tickets are accumulated and charged to the student account twice per semester (mid-semester charge and end of semester charge).

  • If a student has an issue with any of the ticket details, he/she must contact us immediately after receiving the ticket notification to resolve it. In this case, the student should forward the ticket notification email along with a briefing of the issue.

Important Note

Staff dependents who are eligible for free bus rides should fill in the bus service form (obtained from the bus service activation office), sign it at the Office of Human Resources, then submit the signed form at the bus terminal activation office before October 1, 2021.

Payments are accepted through the regular tuition payment methods and deadlines. For payment-related inquiries, contact the student accounting office.