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Emergency News

October 2014

Members of the AUC community may be aware of threats recently posted on-line encouraging violence against Americans and other international residents of the region, particularly teachers.  
AUC Security takes such threats extremely seriously and works very closely with Egyptian and international security agencies to ensure the safety and security of community.  We routinely assess the security of our bus routes and bus stops as well as that of all our facilities.
Should you have any questions about the current security status or believe that you have information that would be useful to AUC Security, please contact the AUC Security office at the following:
·        New Cairo:  2615-4444
·        Downtown:  2797-6666
·        Mobile:  0127 000 1561

·        Email:
AUC is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to all of its community and will continue to communicate any changes to our security policies, procedures and protocols.

October 2014

Lifting Travel Warning to Egypt 

Students and scholars interested in visiting The American University in Cairo or attending for a semester or year abroad should be aware that the U.S. Department of State lifted its travel warning to Egypt in June 2014. There are no restrictions on movement within Cairo, and the University is once again receiving international scholars and students from around the world. AUC has a new, centralized office for all international student affairs — the Office of International Students and Study Abroad — intended to ensure that all incoming international students have easy access to appropriate academic and social support.

* If you have not registered with the AUC Emergency Communication system yet, please do by visiting:

* AUC will continue to provide you with regular reliable information through email, SMS and on the University website at Please keep a copy of the emergency phone numbers listed on the AUC website at
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