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Rana El Kaliouby in The New Yorker
Rana El Kaliouby '98, '00 is featured in The New Yorker on Affectiva, one of the fastest growing U.S. startups
Students Awarded at UK Conference
Three AUC students were recognized for comparing popular computer processors to facilitate their design for programmers
Egyptology Excavation Program Launches
Participants in the program will conduct six weeks of field work at a site in Giza
Charlie Hebdo and Islamophobia
Political science faculty members reflect on the Charlie Hebdo attacks and their effect on Muslim Communities in Europe
AUC Launches Career Centers
Two local career centers, modeled on AUC's Career Center, are preparing Egyptian youth for the job market
  • Facebook 1/29/2015 5:00:01 PM
    During WWII in 1942, AUC students petitioned the Ministry of War to allow an ins...
  • Facebook 1/29/2015 3:00:00 PM
    John D. Gerhart’s name has always been associated with philanthropy, civic engag...
  • Twitter 1/29/2015 1:28:19 PM
    To bring the real #accounting world into class, #AUC provides students with practical experience through @exxonmobil
  • Facebook 1/29/2015 12:38:03 PM
    Student Union teams and organizers are setting up their booths to announce and p...
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