A Winter Welcome


As Spring 2019 classes commence, AUC welcomes 110 undergraduates and 144 graduate students to campus, including 16 international students from countries all over the globe, including Japan, Syria, Uganda, Ecuador, Palestine and the United States. Over one-third of incoming undergraduate students are receiving full and partial scholarships.

The newcomers have arrived right in time for the University's centennial kickoff, which will take place in less than two weeks at AUC Tahrir Square. 

Why Are You Excited to be at AUC?



"I am most excited [to come to AUC] because it’s a good opportunity for social life. Also, I want to major in business, and I heard AUC has the best business school."  

-- Merna Adel, undergraduate, Egypt



"I am most excited about the diversity and international community [at AUC] and, of course, the program I am doing."

-- Amro Al Hassan, pursuing an MA in international and comparative education, Sudan



"I'm most excited because, here, I feel like I'll explore myself more and I'll figure out what I'm interested in."

-- Miral Fahmy, undergraduate, Egypt


"Why did I come here? It’s the city; its Cairo — the vibrant city."

-- Anders Dypvik, study abroad, undergraduate, Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oslo, Norway



"I picked AUC because my cousin went here, and she told me about the University and the social and academic life. It’s the best in Egypt!"

-- Jacqueline Azar, undergraduate, Egypt



"I am most excited to learn about the culture and take an intensive Arabic course.”

-- Muna Jibril, study abroad, undergraduate, University of Bergen



"I'm most excited about coming to AUC for the culture, to meet new people and to experience life in Cairo.”

-- Christina Oyelowo, study abroad, undergraduate, Middle Eastern Studies, American University of Paris



"I picked AUC because it is based in Cairo and you get to live in the Middle East. Also because I'm taking an intensive course in Arabic, and it’s a great place to learn Arabic."

-- Astri Waldeland, study abroad, undergraduate, University of Bergen, Norway



"I'm most excited about living in Cairo and learning Arabic."

-- Camelia Manring, study abroad, undergraduate, Arabic and Geography, Vasser College, New York