News@AUC Guidelines

NEWSatAUC is a weekly e-newsletter that is sent to students, faculty, staff, trustees, parents, alumni, donors, subscribers and friends of the University to keep them informed of important news updates and AUC achievements as well as upcoming campus events. 

NEWSatAUC also sends a Daily Bulletin to students, faculty, and staff. The Daily Bulletin is made up of important announcements and events. There are basic guidelines for submitting announcements and events to appear in the Daily Bulletin. 

Basic Rules for NEWSatAUC

  1. The NEWSatAUC newsletter is sent weekly, comprising stories highlighting the innovation and advancement taking place at AUC, as well as featured events. The Daily Bulletin is sent daily to inform the AUC community of announcements and upcoming events.
  2. An announcement is a deadline, a specific piece of information or a statement that does not have a time or venue. An event is something that people can attend and takes place on a specific day or days at a specific place. If an announcement and event are submitted for the same thing, NEWSatAUC staff members will use the categorization described above to put it in the correct place. Events include a description, like announcements, which appears when the user clicks on the title of the event in the Daily Bulletin email page. Please refer to the “Announcements” section below for more details on what constitutes an announcement.
  3. Announcements will appear in the Daily Bulletin the day after they are submitted, as long as they are submitted before 2 pm and all the information is provided. If announcements are submitted after 2 pm, they will not appear the next day, but the day after. Events, on the other hand, will appear on the public calendar the day after they are submitted but will appear in the Daily Bulletin under “Events” at least one day before their scheduled date. Events may appear in Daily Bulletin earlier depending on the number of events taking place during a certain month. All events automatically appear in chronological order under “Events” in the Daily Bulletin. 
  4. Event descriptions should be factual and should not include any subjective statements. They should provide information about the event itself and the speaker, if relevant.   
  5. The main stories that are featured in the weekly NEWSatAUC newsletter are chosen by the editorial board in the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs. Any office or department may suggest a story, but all final decisions are ultimately made by the editorial board. As a general rule, NEWSatAUC does not cover events after they occur and keeps event advances to a minimum. 

Announcements in the Daily Bulletin

  • An announcement submission should not be an event. The only reason an event will appear as an announcement is if those interested in attending are required to sign up or pay a fee beforehand.
  • Announcements are divided into three types:
    • Achievements: This section will highlight accomplishments such as recognitions, major milestones, appearances as keynote speakers, collaborations with other universities or published research paper launches. Achievements will appear in the Daily Bulletin for no more than two weeks.
    • New Today: A new announcement submission will appear under “New Today” in the Daily Bulletin. After a submission has been displayed once under “New Today,” it will be moved to “Previously Announced.”
    • Previously Announced: This section lists currently relevant announcements that have already been announced in the Daily Bulletin before.

Announcement Title:

  • Make clear what audience you are addressing. The Daily Bulletin goes out to all students, faculty, and staff, so it is crucial to catch their attention with the title of the announcement.
    • Avoid acronyms. 

    • When writing the announcement body, include links to AUC webpages where relevant. 

  • Announcements on courses for undergraduate and graduate students should be sent out through the student portal or Office of Graduate Admissions. 

Editorial Style

  • All acronyms must be spelled out the first time they are written. If the acronym will be referenced again in the body of the announcement, write out the full name of the organization or office, followed by the acronym in parentheses. The organization or office can thereafter be referred to with the acronym. 

  • Remove all pronouns that directly address the audience or refer to the writing office or organization (e.g. you, we, I, us).
  • Write with formal, informational language. Avoid writing sentences like, “Seniors! Reserve your place today!” Instead, write “Undergraduate seniors are required to reserve their place for graduation by March 30.”
  • When describing dates and times, avoid the use of “the” as in the 25th. Instead, write the day of the week, followed by the month and the date (e.g., Sunday, March 25). Do not include the year unless the event or announcement pertains to a year that is not the current year. 

  • Sentences or words written in all caps will be rewritten.

Announcements Appearing in the Daily Bulletin

Announcements will be posted the day after they are submitted, as long as they are posted before 2 pm and include all pertinent information. If announcements are submitted after 2 pm, they will not appear the next day, but the day after.

  • Announcements may be posted up to 30 days or until a deadline comes into effect. The submission form gives those posting the option of how long they want the announcement to appear in the Daily Bulletin. Announcements will remain on the inner page for as long as the submitter requested (up to 30 days) or until a deadline comes into effect. 

  • The editorial board retains the right to delete announcements when they are deemed no longer relevant or when deadlines included in the announcement have passed.

Resubmitted Announcements

  • If after 30 days, a submitter would like his or her announcement to reappear, he or she may choose to resubmit the announcement. However, the editorial board reserves the right to choose not to repost the announcement if it is no longer relevant or is taking up space needed for other announcements.

Order of Announcements

  • The order of the announcements is completely based on the time announcements are submitted, with the most recent submissions appearing under “New Today” in the Daily Bulletin email page.
  • Occasionally, the editorial board may decide to move an announcement to the top of the “Previously Announced” section if there is an imminent deadline, for example.

Submitting Events to the University Events Calendar

Requirement to be a public event

  • It should be an event that is either open to the public or the entire AUC community. Events that target a specific group of people, i.e. staff trainings or conferences only for students from a specific school or department, will not be accepted on the events calendar. 
  • The following must be filled out in any event submission (Failure to complete this information will delay the posting of the event): 

    • Event title 

    • Event type
    • Contact name, email, and extension
    • Location should always be written in the format: building, room number, AUC campus (e.g., Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Hall, P012, AUC New Cairo). If the location is off-campus, give as much detail as possible in the event description. Off-campus events must be organized or sponsored by the University. Personal initiatives by faculty, staff, students, and alumni, or events not organized by AUC and where the University only serves as the venue, will not be included in the University calendar. 
    • Event Description 

      • This must include the name of the speaker/performer, the title of the event/lecture/conference and the office/department/organization that is organizing the event.
      • There must be at least two sentences included, one about the speaker/performer and one about the content of the event itself. Descriptions should be factual; subjective statements will be removed.
      • The description should not include the location, time or date of the event since it is entered elsewhere in the submission. 

      • Do not copy-paste flyers into the description.
      • The description should not have any special formatting, i.e. bold letters, italics, centered text, etc.
    • A photo is optional but highly recommended. If you do not include a photo (of the speaker, or a flyer, for example) a generic photo will be used. 
  • Events will be posted the following working day on the calendar, as long as they are submitted before 2 pm the working day before and include all required information. If events are submitted after 2 pm, they will not appear the next working day, but the working day after.

Appearing in the Daily Bulletin

  • Events will appear in the Daily Bulletin in chronological order under “Upcoming Events." In most cases, an event will appear at least one day before its scheduled date. In addition to the Daily Bulletin, certain events may be featured in the weekly newsletter. Featured Events are up to the discretion of the editorial board. 


  • The main stories that appear in the weekly NEWSatAUC newsletter are chosen by the editorial board in the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs.
  • Any office or department may suggest a story, but all final decisions are ultimately made by the editorial board. NEWSatAUC retains the right to not run a story at any time, even if it was previously written. 

  • As a general rule, NEWSatAUC does not cover events after they occur and keeps event advances to a minimum.
  • NEWSatAUC stories are usually accompanied by pictures. The pictures should be horizontal, if possible, and should be of high quality.

Editorial Policy on Text Edits 

  • Changes will only be made to announce and event submissions for readability, spelling, and grammar. Spelling and grammar edits follow AUC’s Editorial Style Guide. This editorial style relies on American English usage and is drawn primarily from the Associated Press Stylebook.