AUCians Reflect on Greatest Blessings


With Thanksgiving, AUCians share what they're most thankul for. The reflections varied between family, work colleagues and even the simplest blessings in life that we might not stop to recognize every single day

"I am thankful for every breath I take without pain, for every minute i spend happily with no fear or anxiousness with my kids and family, for the blessing of having true friends who care, and for having many things that i take for granted sometimes, but are indeed a blessing that a lot would die for."          

-Maha Mostafa, administrative affairs assistant, Department of the Arts

"I am thankful for Professor Mahmoud Farag and Professor Ezzat Fahmy."

-Salwa Mohamed Sorour, manager, administration and operations, Engineering and Science Services

"I am thankful for my life."

-Abeer Saber, senior administrative affairs assistant, Department of English Language Instruction

"I am thankful for working at AUC."

--Caroline Mikhail (MA '14), executive assistant to the chair, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

"I'm thankful for my mother, the queen who fills my life with goodness and success."

-Ahmed Badawy, director, financial analysis and reporting, Office of the Controller

"I am thankful for every new experience I go through, whether it’s good or bad."

-Aya, undeclared student

"I am thankful for the opportunity to wake up healthy every day and see my mother."

-Donia Darwish, integrated marketing communication and psychology

"I am thankful for having our great Ambassador, Aly Erfan, as an academic adviser."

-Maha, graduate student, Master of Global Affairs

"I'm thankful for the helpful, dedicated and inspiring community of AUC."

-Soha Hassan '08, '17, experiential learning manager, Career Center

"I am thankful to be a part of the AUC community."

-Menna Nabil Arafa '11, senior administrative assistant 1, Office of the Provost

"I am thankful for my parents, my sisters.and brother, my husband, my kids and grandkids."

-Hanan Elkassas, senior lab supervisor, Department of Biology

"I am thankful for my family back home and also for being a part of the AUC community."

-Ozoh Chukwuebuka, sustainable development

"I am thankful for having wonderful work friends at AUC."

-Sonia Youssef, senior program specialist, School of Continuing Education

"I am thankful for my sister Zenab."

-Mohamed Shalaby, mechanical engineering major