Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use of Faculty Leave Online Software 


Description: The faculty leave software supports application for faculty leaves – sabbatical, leave without pay, pre-tenure, professional development and medical – in an online, paperless format that will flow automatically from faculty to departments to the dean to the provost, adding transparency and reliability to each step of the process.

Technical: The faculty leave software is web-based application and is cross-compatible with most known web browsers running on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Note: As a general guideline, it is recommended to use the latest version of your browser to avoid any compatibility issues. The application does not function reliably on older browsers. Here is the list of supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9, or higher
  • FireFoc 8,9 and 10, or higher
  • Latest versions of Google Chrome and other browsers


Faculty accounts are password protected and use the same LDAP protocol as used for AUC email logon. No one in the provost office or any other academic office has access to faculty passwords.


Procedures for Leave Applications

General Description:  Faculty members will enter leave request data into online forms designed to support specific leaves. Faculty employment data is pulled from SAP at the time of entry into the application. This includes department chair and dean information, which is used to route the application for approval.

Before an application can be submitted to the department chair, the system runs some basic checks for completion. In some cases, written statements or documents will need to be uploaded in order for the application to be submitted. The department chair is notified when an application is received and can approve and forward it to the dean, reject the application back to the faculty member or request further information. In cases in which a departmental review process takes place, the chair may have to upload documentation with regard to that review.

When an application moves from department chair to dean to the provost, the faculty member is notified. In this way, progress on the application is visible to the faculty applicant.

Once the provost approves the leave, the faculty member, department and dean receive a copy of the approval notice.

Procedures and eligibility requirements and the Department’s Committee Evaluation of Application for Preparation for Tenure Award Form, which is required to be filed by the department chair in the case of development leaves (pre-tenure) can only be found on the Faculty Leaves webpage on the AUC website.


Procedures for the Leave Application Process: Faculty Members

  1. Review the Faculty Handbook for a description of eligibility.
  2. Review the procedures for the specific process requirements.
  3. For technical problems only, send an email to
  4. Logon using your email login. Once you are in the system, you can select one of three options. To make your application, select “New Request” and select the type of leave from the drop-down menu.
  5. Review your personal information. If you see inaccuracies, please email us directly at so we can correct the core system. We will let you know whether or not to continue with your application in this case.
  6. Enter your leave application detail. Note: You will need to complete your application in one sitting, since partial applications do not save at this time and the system may not allow you to upload your file if there is "idle" time. You will need to log in and review the requirements and then log off. Prepare your written documents for upload, and, when you are ready, log back on to fill in the application and upload the supporting files online.
    1. Most fields on each screen are required for the leave to be submitted. If you leave a field blank that is required, the system will remind you to complete it before it is sent.
    2. Each application has some required written documentation that will need to be uploaded. Click on the “help on required documents” to see what information is needed. At any time you can email if you have questions.
    3. To upload a file:
      1. Browse to name of file.
      2. Click “Add to list.” 
  7. Once you have completed your application, click “Submit.” The application will be routed to your department chair or director.
  8. Information with regards to the progress of your application will be sent to you through email as the application is approved or denied by your department, dean and provost. You can also check the status at any time by looking in your “Outbox” after the log-on screen. If your department chair requests further information from you, you will be notified by email and will find the modification request in your “Inbox.” You can make the change directly on the application or by adding an attachment as needed and resubmit it to the department chair or director.


Procedures for the Leave Application Process: Department Chair or Director

  1. You will be notified by email when a member of your department has submitted a leave application. The email will include a link to the review website.
  2. Log on using your email log-on. You will see the new application in your “Inbox.” When you click on it, you will see what has been submitted. You can review attached documents as well as text entered by the applicant. If you click on “help on required documents” you will see what the applicant has been asked to attach for your review.
  3. You will be asked how the department intends to cover the teaching load for any faculty member on leave. This is a required field.
    1. Note: you will need to complete the data entry at one sitting, since partial applications do not save at this time, so you may want to log in and review the requirements and prepare any written documents for upload before actually filling in the application on-line.
    2. In the case of development leaves (pre-tenure), you will also be asked to upload a completed and scanned Department’s Committee Evaluation of Application for Preparation for Tenure Award, which can be found on the AUC webpage for faculty leaves. To upload a file:
      1. Browse to name of file.
      2. Click “Add to list."
  4. When you have completed your review, you will have the following choices:
    1. “Approve” the request. This will send an email to the dean and will route the request for school review. The faculty applicant will also be notified.
    2. “Modify” the request. You should add your comments as to what additional or revised information is needed. This will route back to the applicant, who will also receive an email prompting him/her to complete the information and resubmit.
    3. “Reject” the request. This will stop the process and the faculty member will be notified.


Procedures for the ean are the same as for the department chair (above). You will be prompted to provide required additional fields. After you complete your review, approved applications will be forwarded to the provost for final action.

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