The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies Launches New Certificate in Migration


The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies at AUC in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched the third edition of the Certificate in Migration Governance on Sunday October 28 at AUC Tahrir Square.


The Certificate in Migration Governance aims to provide government officials and other relevant stakeholders with a comprehensive and shared knowledge on migration governance and management. Specifically, it aims to build awareness of the multifaceted aspects of the migration phenomenon and the wide range of policy responses to migration governance, build analytical and practical capacities, build decision-making capacities and improve cooperation among different ministries and other relevant stakeholders.


The first edition of the certificate was offered in October 2016 and the second in October 2017. Each edition consists of 7 modules that are covered over 6 months. Upon completion, a certificate of participation recognized by both CMRS and IOM is awarded to those who completed the modules, attended 80 percent of each module and went through pre and post assessments determining their level of knowledge before and after completing the certificate. On average, 30 participants attend each edition.


Acknowledging the remarkable success of the certificate both in terms of continuous participation and interest from the target audience, as well as in terms of quality of the learning program offered, CMRS and IOM is piloting a regional certificate directed towards staff of governmental and non-governmental entities in the Middle East and North Africa during the month of December 2018.