AUC Print Shop and Copy Center

Printing and Copying Services

The general purpose of the printing and copying services unit is to provide quality, timely, and efficient printing and copying services to the AUC community in order to best support its academic programs and administrative services. All print and copy jobs requested by an AUC department, unit, group, or community member for University-related purposes must be sent through the University printing and copying services unit.

The print shop general manager or supervisor will determine the most efficient and economical method to best meet the requirements of the job/order, including the use of contracts with outside printers or copy vendors and print shop resources. Only senior print shop staff may make decisions regarding outside vendors and/or outsourcing jobs.

Note that individual departments may not contract or send jobs to outside printers.


Printing Services

All print publications (invitations, flyers, business cards, ads, brochures) must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs.

  • The first step is to request a new publication or make changes to an existing through the online form.
  • The second step is to submit a properly completed request form for business cards and a purchase requisition on the SAP accounting system purchase group L10.


Brochures (two-fold or tri-fold)
Carbonized forms
Stationery and Business Cards
Two-color business cards, notepads, envelopes and letterheads


Thermal, spiral
Saddle stitching
Tape binding

Other Services


Copying Services

AUC's copy center uses state-of-the-art copying machines that are capable of scanning up to 120 high-quality black and white copies (front and back) per minute.

We have provided an overview of the online ordering below.

If you get hard copy materials and need to print soft files, you will continue to place two separate orders: one order for copying, and one order for printing the soft files after you upload them.

Starting an online order is easy. You can log into our link and make the order if you are authorized to do so through your cost center. Once you log in, click on the order entry to begin your order.

You will receive an email to confirming your order and total cost. You will eventually receive a second email informing you of the completion and location of your print job.

Contact person for assistance:

Rania El Bahkeery
Travel and Shared Services Manager
t 20.2.2615.2151

Professors' Notes and Printing of Electronic Archives

Our new high-tech copying system scans the originals sent, so that digital images are stored and are instantly ready to start the copying process. This system assures that the documents are protected from dust and mishandling, enabling us to provide a unique, speedy and high-quality service. If you have not already sent us your handouts and notes for this semester, please do so as soon as possible so that we may offer a more comprehensive service to all AUC students.

Printing of Examination Papers and Confidential Materials

Printing of examination papers and confidential materials will be given the highest priority by the University Printing and Copying Services Unit and requires special handling as follows:

  • Respective faculty, or designated department individual, to submit a print shop on-line job order for their department. The link for copying and printing services requests is:

At the beginning of the semester respective faculty can submit to the printing and copying services unit an authorization form signed and stamped by the department delegating another individual within their department the task of requesting and receiving the printing of examination papers and confidential materials. (The delegation form covers either a specific examination paper or specific time period to be signed by the faculty responsible for the examination papers. No printing of examination papers or other confidential materials will take place without the signed delegation form in the lieu of the respective faculty).

  • Respective faculty, or designated department individual, to go in person with a hard copy of the examination papers or confidential materials to the Printing Shops (listed below) and hand over the materials to the copying operator and wait for the materials to be printed and to receive them back.

Examination papers and other confidential materials may be dropped off at the Print Shop locations by faculty or designated individual every day except Tuesdays. Below are the different print shop locations, telephone extension and working hours:

1.     Campus Center 
Room P018
8:30 am to 7:00 pm except Fridays and Saturdays 
8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday
Ext.: 3926

2.     Research Centers Building
Room P009 
8:30 am to 5:00 pm except Fridays and Saturdays
Ext.: 2945

3.     Facilities Building 
Production Copy Center
Room G036
8:30 am to 4:00 pm except Fridays and Saturdays
Ext.: 4472  

4.     AUC Tahrir Square

Falaki Academic Center, Ground Floor, Room 04
8:30 am to 5:00 pm except Fridays and Saturdays
Ext.: 6180

The copying operator, under the authority of the print shop general manager, is responsible for handling all the requirements and registering them in the log book. Under no circumstances will examination papers or other confidential materials be released to a student or an individual not so delegated.

Touch Screen Copy on Demand

Students requiring copies of course material and handouts use the touch screen copy machines. Simply select the course number and material required and it will be automatically photocopied while you wait. Professors wishing to include their coursework in this system should submit the material to the copy center in hard copy or by email by the beginning of each semester.


We can print files submitted on a flash memory or CD in black and white or full color.


We can scan your hard copy documents and create an electronic archive and back-up system.

Colored paper

Copies can be made on white, green, blue, yellow or pink paper (colors may change according to market availability).
Paper Type: We use 80g paper for all standard photocopy jobs. If you would like to use a different type of paper, please contact us so we can check availability and prepare it for you.


We provide plastic  spiral binding, as well as easy and hotmelt binding. 

Policies and procedures

The printing and copying services policies and procedures are available here.

Online Stationery and Business Cards


Business Card Orders

To order a business card, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Business Card and Letterhead Request Form.
  2. Make sure that the contact person you list is the one responsible for receiving emails, as well as approving and receiving the final printed card.

You may enter either:

  • One title and one school/department/office
  • One title and two schools/departments/offices
  • Two titles and one school/department/offices
  • Two titles and two school/department/offices
  1. AUC’s business card template is designed to have four lines under the name. The maximum number of titles is three, in addition to one department.
  2. Use only your official AUC job title(s), as approved by the Office of the Provost for faculty members or the Office of Human Resources in the case of staff members.
  3. To ensure that the business card is printed, you must fill in the Online Job Order Form.

If you have any inquiries, please email


General Business Card Guidelines

  • Font sizes and line lengths are standardized.
  • The title Dr. is reserved for medical physicians.
  • Up to three academic degrees (without periods) may be placed after the name (PhD, MA, MS, LLM, MBA) but no titles (lawyer, engineer, etc.) or memberships in professional associations.
  • Only official AUC job titles are included.
  • Avoid using &. Use “and” instead.
  • Use commas (,) instead of slashes (/).
  • The school, department or office must be included, not just the unit or function.
  • Avoid acronyms, such as IEEI and CAPS.
  • Only the official AUC website or its webpages may be included (no social media links).
  • Email addresses should be lowercase.
  • Other guidelines and criteria may apply.


Note: Business cards are printed only for faculty and staff members with full-time contracts.