Provisional Admission

AUC considers the most academically qualified applicants for provisional admission during the spring for the following fall semester if they earned excellent grades or submitted documents of the below requirements prior to the set deadline. Final admission and category of acceptance will be given after submitting your final transcript and proof of graduation.

Having the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee you a place, but rather ensures entry to the selection process. The minimum admission scores for each certificate may change from one year to another according to AUC requirements.


Thanawiya amma (arts, math or science): Complete the 11th year of schooling.

GCE/GSCE/IGSCE: Complete at least eight subjects. Preferential consideration is given if you complete subjects at the advanced level.

International Baccalaureate: Complete the first year. 

American High School Diploma: Complete the first semester grade 12 and submit satisfactory SAT I (or ACT-E) results. 

German Zeugnis der Allgemeinen: Complete the first year.

French Baccalaureate: Complete the first year. 

OSSD: Complete a minimum of four university or college subjects in grade 12. 

Manitoba: A minimum of three S-level courses needed in grade 12. 

Dogwood Diploma:  The average is calculated from grades 11 and the first semester of grade 12. 


If your secondary program is not one of those listed, email the Office of Recruitment and Student Service Center ( for information about your specific program of study.

If AUC offers you provisional acceptance, you must complete all secondary school graduation requirements, achieve a level of academic performance comparable with the performance on which the offer of provisional admission was based and submit all required documents. If your final academic results are not comparable to those on which the provisional acceptance was based, your admission offer will be withdrawn.