Admission Deadlines

Fall Semester 2020

Deadline: March 1, 2020 (early admission)

Spring Semester 2021

Deadline: October 1, 2020

Important Notes:

  • You may still apply after the deadline depending on the availability of places
  • Application(s) can be renewed from the fall to the spring semester of the same academic year only
  • A new application should be submitted for a new academic year

Transcript Submission Dates for Fall 2020

For the following certificates, the final transcript should be submitted two working days after the announcement of official results:

  • Canadian Certificates (MN-BI-OA-NS) 
  • French Baccalaureate
  • German Abitur 
  • IB Diploma 
  • Thanawiya Amma Sciences and Arts 
  • American High School Diploma - Wednesday, June 10, 2020

*Applicants will receive an email once the acceptance letter is issued