Pink Ribbon Week at AUC: First Campus Health Fair Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer

AUC Breast Cancer Fair

October 17, 2018, Cairo – To raise awareness on Breast Cancer, the Office of Medical Services at The American University in Cairo (AUC), the Office of Athletics and the Student Union collaborated to organize the University's first health fair on Breast Cancer Awareness. The three-day-event, which ends today at AUC New Cairo campus, included free and discounted services, in addition to offers for checkups by prominent medical laboratories and companies. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and the second most common cancer in general.

Dr. Mohamed Amin, head of AUC's Office of Medical Services, explained that the office is hoping to make the Breast Cancer Awareness event the first of many themed health fairs. "The idea of engaging awareness for breast cancer coincides with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month [October], or Pink Month," he said.

The Office of Medical Services collaborated with the Baheya Foundation for the Treatment of Breast Cancer, a charity hospital in Egypt that specializes in early detection and treatment for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Baheya kicked off the event with a promotional lecture, discussing self-examination, ways to protect against breast cancer and signs that require a visit to a gynecologist. 

The fair provided attendees with information about breast cancer, making them conscious of risk factors and aware of resources such as Baheya. "Breast cancer is now considered curable," Amin explained. "If you discover it early, you can cure it early, so engaging awareness will benefit the whole community, including students, parents, staff and faculty."

The fair hosted also vendors including multiple labs and medical companies offering free and discounted services during the week. There will also be a gynecologist visiting the clinic once a week during the month of October to answer questions and offer medical advice. 

"Sometimes when students hear about cancer they are afraid to talk about it, but if we make it a fun event, people will be willing to learn and will realize there is a high cure rate," Amin said. "They will learn how to protect themselves."

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