AUC, New Cairo City Authority Discuss Potential Cooperation

AUC welcomed a delegation from the New Cairo City Authority last week, discussing potential cooperation in a number of fields, including sustainability, cultural activities, training and technical support.

President Francis Ricciardone and University Counselor Ashraf Hatem, along with other AUC representatives, met with the delegation, headed by Engineer Adel El Naggar, president of the New Cairo City Authority. The meeting laid the ground for a number of future initiatives.

“We were delighted to welcome to our campus Engineer Adel El Naggar, president of New Cairo City, and his impressive team of dedicated public servants," said Ricciardone.  "We, the faculty and staff of AUC, share with them a deep commitment to the service of our neighborhood and its sustainability, cleanliness, safety, and overall quality of life.”

El Naggar emphasized the significance of New Cairo City, describing it as "a residential, educational, touristic, cultural, recreational and industrial city with vast resources." Highlighting the benefits and strategic plans that will result from collaborating with the University, he added, "This cooperation with a renowned and well-established educational institution such as AUC to further enhance New Cairo and make best use of its available resources will produce a global model that could be replicated in other new cities in Egypt." 

Gamal Talaat, head of the New Urban Communities Authority's Central Unit for Sustainable Cities and Renewable Energy, noted that New Cairo, among other new cities in Egypt, has already adopted serious steps toward sustainability through recycling, renewable energy, solar panels and greywater management — which AUC has spearheaded in the area. “We will begin our cooperation with AUC utilizing its strong academic insights and practical experience to expand our sustainability plans,” he said.

El Naggar emphasized that since AUC's move to New Cairo 10 years ago, the University's cultural role in the city has been growing. “Its presence adds to the splendor of the city, and AUC is well-suited to the different cultures in New Cairo," he said.