El Saady

Senior Instructor II
Department of English Language Instruction


Brief Biography

Mona El Saady is a senior instructor II at the English Language Institute (ELI), The American University in Cairo and is currently the director of ENGL 0210, Academic English for the Liberal Arts (2016 –present). She received her BA in Economics and her MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL) from The American University in Cairo. She started her career as an English language instructor at AUC in 1993.

Besides teaching, El Saady was actively involved in the design of ENGL 0210 course adjunct to SEMR 1023, Celebrating Ideas: A Voyage through Books, Film, Art and Theater. She has served extensively on program and departmental committees as well as university committees and task forces. El Saady has chaired a number of key committees such as ELI Program and Planning Committee (PRPC) and ENGL 0210 Assessment Committee. She also served in the University Senate, 2011 to 2013.

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      • ENGL 0210 – Academic English for the Liberal Arts (1994 - 2017).
      • Seminar 1023 – Celebrating Ideas: A Voyage through Books, Film, Art and Theater (2009 - 2016)
      • Core 1010 – Who am I (2013)
    Research Interest

    El Saady is interested in needs assessment, curriculum design, materials development, learner motivation, teaching methodology, language assessment, teacher training, and the use of technology in the classroom. She has been regularly training new teachers and mentoring MA TESOL students in the department. She has attended and presented at both local and international conferences as well as ENGL 0210 Teachers’ Professional Development Workshops, held annually in spring and fall.