Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
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Brief Biography

Ibrahim Elnur was previously director of the Middle East Research Awards (MEAwards) at the Population Council, Cairo (1999-2001), visiting researcher OAS-AUC, co-founder and coordinator of the Group for Alternative Policies for Sudan (GAPS) (1996-1999), visiting research fellow 1993, RSP/International Development Centre, University of Oxford (1993) Bergen University (2006), associate professor El Fatih University, Tripoli, Libya (1995-1996), head Department of Economics, Juba University, Sudan (1990-1995) and assistant professor, Juba University, Sudan (since 1986).  

Elnur is currently chair of Political Science Department at The American University in Cairo and coordinator of development studies, member of the editorial board of the European Training Foundation (ETF), Turin, Italy, 2009-2015, Elected member of the Internal Conflicts Sub-Committee of International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Conference. Building Sustainable Futures, Enacting Peace and Development, Leuven, 15-19 July 2008 and reelected member in August 2014. His current research and teaching interests include the following: development and international political economy, population dynamics with emphasis on migration-development nexus, public policy, economics of education, health and war and reconstruction. His publications and research interests focus on reconstruction of war-torn communities, the state and globalization, urban poverty, changing conditions of educated elite reproduction, new urbanities-ruralities, modernities, survival strategies, feminization of the labor process and family dynamics, alternative development policies, as well as the economics of education and health.


  • DPhil in Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Doctorate in Economic Science, KMU, Budapest, Hungary, December, 1979
  • BS (honors), Pure Theory, University of Khartoum, April, 1973
  • BS in Economics, Cairo University, Egypt (1970)

 Selected Publications

  1. Together with Dr. Nadine Sika, Youth political engagement in Egypt: What do we know so far? , paper presented to the workshop of power to youth project, Nap[les, April 5-6th 2016
  2. Togther with Eilleen Kuttab (2016): Post 2016 Development Challenges in the Middle East
  3. The Implosion of the Political Patronage Regimes in the Middle East, in Dan Tschirgi, Walid Kazziha and Sean McMahon (eds.)  Egypt’s Tahrir Revolution: Perspectives and Prospects,  Lynne Rienner Press (2013)
  4. "Sudan 2010: Negotiating an Alternative Sudan, Africa Contemporary Record," 2010 (Revised and resent)
  5. "The Changing Hydraulics of Conflict and Cooperation in the Nile Basin: The Demise of Bilateralism, in Sharif Elmusa" (ed.), Cairo Papers in Social Science special issue on: The Burden of Resources: Oil and Water in the Gulf Region and The Nile Basin, AUC Press, (June, 2011)
  6. "Chasing Modernities: On Mobility-development nexuses: The Challenges of Harnessing Transformative Potential,” Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence (July 2010), http://cadmus.eui.eu/handle/1814/14407
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