Student Union Uses Commencement Ticket Sales for New Scholarship Fund

Last spring, the University sold extra commencement tickets, directing the money collected to a new Student Union Scholarship Fund to be granted to two students each semester. Approximately 100 leftover tickets were sold, raising a total of LE 43,500.

The first recipients of the new scholarship will be named starting Spring 2018. The students will be selected based on financial need and academic merit, and should also be involved in a club sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement.

The idea was initiated during a Student Union meeting with President Francis J. Ricciardone as a way of preventing extra tickets from being sold individually at high prices. "This idea ensures that the money raised is used toward a specific cause and encourages students to support one another,” affirmed Mohamed Gadallah, president of the Student Union.

The Student Union took the lead on this project, organizing the sale of tickets and spreading word of the initiative among students. “I was very grateful that the Student Union took the initiative to sell commencement tickets to raise funds for students in need,” said George Marquis, dean of students. “I was also grateful to those graduating seniors who chose to purchase an extra ticket for this worthy cause. I am hopeful that we can continue this practice in successive commencements and consider other creative ways of helping other students in need.”

After the success this year, AUC plans to continue supporting scholarships with extra commencement ticket sales in the future. "I believe this initiative is very important to continue every semester, as it regulates the process of obtaining extra tickets and makes them more attainable for students, ensuring tickets are sold at a fixed price,” said Gadallah. “It also gives graduates a chance to give back to their community by helping their fellow students who face hardships during their educational process."