Student Clubs, Organizations Awarded for Distinguished Contributions

In an annual event held to celebrate the outstanding achievements of participants in clubs and organizations on campus, AUC students received 20 awards ranging from Outstanding Academic Association and Best Collaboration to other honorary awards.

Speaking at the event, President Francis J. Ricciardone expressed his pride in AUC’s student engagement. Emphasizing the value of cocurricular activities, he said, “These really are not a sideline; they are part of the substance of who we are and what makes this place truly great. Through these programs, we know the key to nurture the growth of leadership.”

While many still use the classic term extracurricular activities Dean of Students George Marquis recommended the use of the term cocurricular instead, as it is more fitting for student engagement. “These things you do outside can impact what you do in the classroom,” he said, addressing students and giving examples of numerous student clubs and organizations that provide students with a multitude of skills and talents.

Amidst a cheering crowd, students received their awards, beaming with pride and satisfaction. Of the awards presented, the Outstanding Conference and Best Treasury awards were presented to Enactus, which is dedicated to making a difference through entrepreneurial activities in the community. Amina Elhattab, vice president of Enactus, said, “I believe the extracurricular programs at AUC are what make this place special; they make the journey not just about academics.”

The Robotix Club – led by a passion for engineering, building and learning – was presented with the Local Outreach award. Engineering students, Abdelrahman Maged, president of the club, and Lina Abdelhafiz, vice president, are proud of their club’s achievements this year, particularly extending its outreach to Egyptian universities, such as Ain Shams. Reflecting on the purpose of student engagement, they noted, “It’s to gain hands-on experience, to engage students, to develop their skills.”

Shahir Arsalan, AUC alumnus, CEO of Ariika furniture and honorary awardee of the night, stressed the importance of student engagement to his career and his sense of entrepreneurship that was strengthened at AUC. “I worked for four years in the Student Union,” he reflected. “I did talent shows, fundraising, PR, marketing – basically, everything that I do today in my own company began right here at this University.”

Arsalan urged students to take full advantage of extracurricular activities, which he believes set AUC apart.

Marquis also outlined the skills gained from cocurricular activities that will prepare students for their future, such as social skills that are built through working in teams and communicating with others to resolve conflict. “The more you have to juggle, the better you become in managing your time,” he affirmed.  In addition to these skills, Marquis talked about the psychological aspect of student engagement, such as enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence, commitment and dedication.

In his closing remarks, President Ricciardone praised students’ ability to execute plans on campus and emphasized the University’s distinct stance on student engagement that is supported by the community as a whole. “At AUC, we are striving to have a culture that is student-centered, faculty-led and staff-enabled,“ he said. “It’s incredible what students can do when they are simply encouraged: guided by faculty and enabled by staff. This is a labor of love; this is AUC at its best. “


See a list of awards presented to student clubs and organizations below:

Outstanding Academic Association – Business Association (BA) and Computer Science and Engineering Association

Outstanding Community Service Club – Volunteers in Action (VIA)

Outstanding Conference – Enactus

Outstanding Cultural and Special Interest – Musicana

Outstanding Graduate Student Organization – Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Best Fundraiser –Student Union (SU)

Best Treasury – Enactus

Local Outreach Award – Robotix, Astronomy Club, the Insider

International Outreach Award –Cairo International Model Arab League (CIMAL), Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Best Collaboration – Musicana, 3alraseef

Honorary Awards– Student Union (SU), Student Court, Clubs and Conferences Committee (CCC), Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA), Folklore Group, Presidential Ambassador Program