AUC's Magda Mostafa Redefines Design with Inclusivity

Magda Mostafa design

Associate Professor of Design in AUC's Architecture Department and globally recognized autism design consultant Magda Mostafa continues to make strides in reshaping and improving the world of inclusive design.

Through a special provost's grant from AUC, Mostafa was in Italy last month to present her work at the Venice Biennale of Architecture — the world's largest and most prestigious architectural exhibition. A video overview of her exhibit, "Autistic Imaginaries of Architectural Space", can be found here. Her work will remain on display until November 21.

The professor has also published a design guide for the world's first autism-friendly university. The guide is the first of its kind and was originally commissioned by Dublin City University, however, it is replicable across other universities and entities.

Furthermore, she was featured in an interview with Australian not-for-profit social enterprise Cities People Love, where she discusses her career and the importance of her work, particularly as it relates to cities and community inclusion.

Mostafa is responsible for the creation of the Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index, the world’s first evidence-based set of design guidelines outlining seven architectural criteria that help individuals with autism interact more effectively with their built environments.

Magda Mostafa