A Life Transformation Journey

Beshoy Habib from Sohag is the new recipient of the Molly Bartlett Endowed Scholarship, established in 2011 to provide support to one male Egyptian and one female Egyptian student who attended an Egyptian public high school.

Established by Richard Bartlett, chairman of the Board of Trustees in honor of his mother Molly Bartlett, the endowed fund selects students based on their leadership skills, financial need, academic achievement and commitment to community service.

Habib was a very active student in Sohag. He joined the choir group at Sohag’s church, was a participant in the Tahta/Sohag competition for community service activities, and was in charge of organizing events for the disabled. “Participating in community service activities is a life-changing experience,” explained Habib. “It teaches you how to be responsible and how to work under pressure. But most important of all, it gives you a sense of satisfaction for giving back to the community.”

Habib is planning to major in chemistry, where he finds his passion. “I chose to come to AUC because of all the facilities available, the extracurricular activities and the liberal arts education system,” he added. “I know there is a lot to learn here at AUC and I think I am well-prepared for this journey.”

Some of the activities Habib joined during his first semester at AUC include Glow, community service and development club that aims to create a society of proactive leaders who strive to develop themselves and their society; and Enactus, club committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

Habib was first ‘shocked’ by the diversity of AUC’s student body. However, after he started mingling with his fellow classmates and making new friends, he started to admire the diversity and accept differences. “In my short time at AUC, I learned how to deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds, be open mind, and to think outside the box,” he explained. “I believe AUC will provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience, but to apply it in the real world depends on us.”

Habib has a lot of compassion towards Upper Egypt, his hometown. He hopes that after he graduates from AUC, he goes back home to develop the poor areas and to build a better foundation for the future generations. “I believe they have the potential and facilities to develop, but they need someone to operate it right.”

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