New AUC Website Launched; 10 Things You Need to Know

AUC has recently launched its new website, with improved functionality, easier navigation and a fresh design. Below are the top 10 things you need to know about the new website:

  1. It has an external and internal portion. The externally focused public site serves as AUC's face to the outside world, representing the University and its key messages. The internal portion of the site, behind a password, allows the University greater flexibility in meeting the content needs of the internal AUC community. 
  2. With a gateway for AUC community members,, the website is structured in a way to target their needs and is classified by audience (currently enrolled students, faculty and staff), with all relevant links pertaining to a specific audience consolidated in one place. Important links for AUC community members, including webmail, the bus schedule, faculty and staff directory, services and support, and academic resources, are all found on this page.
  3. The website is responsive on devices, including smartphones and tablets, where its appearance adapts to the screen size and orientation of the device.
  4. Increasing the University’s visibility on the web, AUC's new website is search-engine-optimization-friendly, making it easier to find AUC webpages through web-based search engines.
  5. With fewer levels of navigation, the website has a simplified, consolidated structure for users to reach their destination pages faster and easier. 
  6. A mirror Arabic website enhances AUC’s Arabic outreach.
  7. The website utilizes an innovative, open-source content management system, Drupal, which is one of the top education-focused web platforms worldwide.
  8. It provides a friendlier interface for content management system administrators.
  9. Integrating with social media, the website allows users to catch feeds from AUC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, in addition to its YouTube channel.
  10. Utilizing top web design trends, including responsive design, the website has powerful images; clearer, more concise text; and modular content, where content is added in “blocks,” including text, images, videos or photo galleries, and can be presented in a variety of combinations. 

Visit AUC’s new website.